Friday, August 10, 2012

Olivia Moody, College Student w/ 3.6 GPA Gets 30 Years In Prison: How Do Black Women avoid other black women whom are bullies?

This sad case involves this young intelligent student, Olivia Moody, 21, who was a college student at University of Arkansas.   Olivia migrated from Chicago to pursue her education and then leave Arkansas, but there were some bullies, including the deceased ring leader, Vanessa Bearden, 21, who harassed her and made her life extremely difficult.  Before taking Beardon's life, Olivia tried very hard to achieve her goal in the midst of living in a very dangerous neighborhood of Pine Bluff.  She even bought a gun to protect herself from burglaries that had already happened in the apartment complex where she lived, but one day she decided to use her gun to protect herself from Beardon who allegedly had a knife under her waistband.   One question comes to mind as we pray for healing within the souls of black women, how does a successful black woman avoid other black women whom are bullying them?

We do not support violence and feel very bad for Vanessa Beardon; however, black women (including black men) who try to steal a successful person's joy is intolerable.   Therefore, we must deal with this issue and tell the truth about bullies of all ages.   Although, Olivia is still very young, it seems as though bullies exist even older than her age within the race of black women.  Many black women never grow out of harassing others who mind their own business.  However, we have got to remember, no matter how much our bullies may harass us the scripture found in Exodus 20:13, which says, 'Thou shalt not kill.'  

Obviously, Vanessa Beardon was jealous of Olivia, because she was dating a guy whom was not attracted to her.  For whatever reason, she made a decision to be a ring leader and threatened Olivia to leave the guy alone.  According to Olivia's story, Beardon and her clique already beat her up and she tried to go on and ignore her, but for some odd reason, Vanessa still wanted to continue to fight her.  This hurts, but it is the truth, like many other black women, Vanessa was destroying herself by harassing another black woman and eventually her harassment led to her death. 

Ladies this is not what God wants, He expects us to live in peace and if it is impossible you must cease your enemies, immediately.   Sometimes, it seems impossible, because your enemies know you have no place else to go, so the Devil in them likes to torment any of us whom desire to make a better life for ourselves.   We do not think Olivia wanted to hurt anyone, but what she wanted was Beardon and her friends to leave her alone and no longer bully and beat her up.   This is old demon among many black women whom have a problem with those whom they think maybe more successful, prettier or smarter than they are and it needs to stop.   In all honesty, since Olivia did have her gun with her outside, it seems like she just got tired of Beardon and just wanted for her and the others to learn their lesson.  Sometimes, you do make mistakes by showing hostility toward people like Beardon, because you are just tired and want peace.  Therefore, the Devil in people may drive you to just want to get rid of them, it's not right, but this is how bad it has gotten for many of our sisters.  However, we must learn to not only pray for our bullies, but learn how to escape being in their presence, because they do make life unbearable.  Most times, black women who are bullies against others are the reason why we have such a hard time earning respect within our society.

What's even worst is that Olivia's mother has the same first name as Beardon, so obviously this would make anybody angry, if they had to face their bully for about 2 or 3 years.   Furthermore, it's nice Olivia has a family who believes in her, because a lot of black women do not have that sort of emotional support from their relatives.   Her mother seems to know her daughter more than anyone else and has faith for her to be out of prison before 30 years time.

May Vanessa Beardon rest in peace.   Also, we pray for God to give Olivia strength while serving time in prison.

If you have been dealing with a bully and you need for Jesus Christ to come into your life, we want to invite you to go straight to our Salvation page. If you are a bully and you need to be saved and desire to become a new woman, please go straight to our Salvation page and receive Jesus Christ and your personal Savior.   If you already know God, but you are still dealing with being harassed by a bully, it does not matter how young or old you are, you need spiritual strength so you do not end up in prison, after doing something you did not mean to do.   We want to pray for you.   We really believe in the scripture found in Ephesians 6:12 that says, 'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in heavenly places.'  Therefore, this is the reason why we face confrontations with our very own race, not just white supremacists.  The Devil does not care if a person is white or black, just as long as he can use them to torment us.  Therefore, let us pray with you for God to deliver you from your enemy: 

Dear heavenly Father, we come before you right now, thanking you for another day.  We thank you for life and loving us more than those whom are workers of Satan who come to defeat us, day and night.  Lord, we hate that a life is gone, but so many times there are some black women and even some black men who give us a very hard way to go and there seems to be no way out while we are waiting on you to deliver us.   God, we pray for our enemies and those whom desire to have no peace.   We want to pray for those whom are used by demonic forces to take our love, peace and joy away.  It seems like the more we pray, Satan uses them to torment us.  So Lord, we ask you to bless our sisters for a way to live in peace.  Many of our dear sisters can do no better and there seems to always be an enemy within the household or even on the property where they live.   So Father, we ask you to not only give us a miracle so we can avoid conflict, but we want to pray for you to also save our bullies.   We want to ask you to give us grace to forgive our enemies and forgive us for any malice we have had before this second.  Most of all, we want to pray for our enemies to be saved and delivered from Satan's territory so they won't lose their souls and go to hell.   We bind the demon of bullying and we command peace in our lives in Jesus name.  Amen.

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