Thursday, August 23, 2012

NJ Mother Beheads Toddler Then Commits Suicide: Are some Black Women this addicted to drugs to commit such a gruesome crime?

Chevonne Thomas committed one of the worst murder-suicides  in this nation's history.   Before she committed this crime, she had already been arrested for child endangerment after being found in a park, blacked-out, back in 2010.  She had smoked marijuana laced with PCP and did not even realize she had left her son in the car.  This is so sad how this woman ended her life, beheading her toddler's head and leaving it in the freezer, then slashing her own throat.

Sisters, is this the state of mind of many black women today?   Are some of them so hooked on drugs, they have no concern what could be in the drugs that would possess them to commit such a gruesome crime?  For too many years, many of you have been addicted to drugs and they are controlling your life so much, you do not not even have control over your own life.   However, you have to want someone to help you, before you can take control over your own life.   There are some black women whom reject assistance and rebel against spiritual instruction. This is the reality of today and even many years ago, many black women are addicted to drugs so much, they have no control over their lives neither do they desire how to kick the habit.  Unfortunately, the truth remains that many black women will die on drugs.

For all of you who are on drugs, do you realize you are endangering yourself?   You do not know what type of chemicals some of those drug dealers are putting in them.  Please make a wise decision to leave drugs alone all together, because after you take them for so long, you have no idea what they may cause you to do not only to yourself, but also your children.   Look at what happened in Chevonne's case with her son.  It's time to wake up, dear sisters.

As black women, we are in extreme danger if we do not take heed to spiritual guidance.  This is the reason why we hear of such unbelievable stories like this one, regarding Chevonne Thomas beheading her son.  It is simply because many of our sisters are not taking the issue of self-destruction, seriously.   They do not realize it is self-destruction as soon as they allow drugs to control their minds and spirits.

If you have been addicted to drugs and do not know how to get off of them, you need Jesus Christ to come into your life.   Would you like to be saved?   If so, please go straight to our Salvation page and allow God to be the ruler of your life.   If you vow to serve Him, He will give you the power to overcome your drug addiction.  Accept Him now, before it is everlasting too late.

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Camden, New Jersey, woman decapitates her 2-year-old son, then stabs herself to death when police arrive 

A Camden, N.J., mother decapitated a 2-year-old son she only recently regained custody of before stabbing herself to death early Wednesday morning.

Chevonne Thomas, 33, and her son, Zahree Thomas, were found dead by police who stormed their home after responding to a 911 call after midnight from the woman saying someone had harmed her son. The headless child was found on the first floor, his mother in her second floor bedroom, according to....Read full article, here.

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