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Michael Parson tried to kill wife while engaged to another woman: What do black women do when their husbands try to kill them?

Thanks to one of our readers, we will discuss the Parson case, but only to give you advice what to do, if your husband should become your enemy and try to kill you while engaged to another woman.   Although, Michael Parson's mother does not want to believe her son is capable of shooting his wife, according to alleged factual evidence, he did shoot Adina Parson, eight times in the head.   Miraculously, she is still in recovery.   You know, there are many black women whom would melt just looking at him, because many of our sisters love the clean looking type of man, but-Mr. Parson has proven you cannot go by looks, many times, these are the most dangerous men.   In our opinion, he's alright when looking at his photo, but really ugly unattractive now that we discovered he allegedly tried to kill his wife.  However, now let's deal with the issue of how to deal with a cunningly slick man like Michael Parson, if you feel you are in danger while your husband is living a double life.

Sisters, if you made a mistake and married a man without asking God first and if he is not the chosen man He created for you, your life could be in danger.   You must serve the Lord, so you can have a relationship with Him, to be able to hear Him forewarn you what your husband is capable of doing to you.  Of course, we are not judging Adina at all, but for all of you who may eventually end up like her, it is good for you to know the truth.  If you made a mistake marrying the wrong man, it is not too late for you to get out of that marriage.   We believe this is the only time God may disagree with divorce, if you moved ahead of Him without listening to His voice and tied the knot with a man whom is making your life very miserable.  Did you marry your husband, because he was very handsome, well-built or had a lot of money?  Yes?  Only if this is what you desire to do: you must repent now for not waiting on God, you should get out of your marriage and then wait on God to send you the right man, because you do not know what sort of demons could be ruling this man's life.   You may think, 'oh well, I'll try to make it work, because our marriage is not that bad.'  You may not see a replica of Michael Parson yet, but if he is spending a lot of time away from you and looks you cold in the face whenever he shows up, it is time to run.  These type of (black) men whom are quiet most of the time and often give you a cold expression could not only have a double life, but also a treacherous spirit and could be very capable to harm you and even your children.

If your husband has already tried to attack you, then you already know things could get much worse in the future.  God is not going to give you a man who harms you.  Also, He is not going to give you a man who has a discreet love affair with another woman or a man.   God does not give you people in your life to make you unhappy.  Therefore, you must ask God for His will to be done and what He desires for you to do to become a happier woman.   Ask yourself, 'would God want me to stay with my husband who has tried to kill me and has a double life?'  If the answer is yes, it maybe difficult, but you do what you think God would desire for you to do, next. 

Adina Parson had a career as an attorney, so she did not have to remain married to Michael, but many times we as black women may remain with a man, because he deceives us into thinking he is faithful and loves us.   Obviously, as an attorney, Adina was a very busy, successful black woman, so she could not sense her husband had a double life.   Therefore, this could happen to any professional woman who is working long hours.   However, if you are a stay at home Mom and you solely depend on your husband to pay bills and just to survive, you must trust God to help you make the right decision while becoming an independent woman.  You see, this could occur to both types of black women, whether you are a professional type of woman or just a homemaker, you could be in danger, if you do not allow God to lead and guide you while in a troubled marriage.  Even if you were unsaved when you met your husband, God will still lead you how to deal with your troubled marriage now, but you must dedicate your life to Him.   Some of you black women may be backsliders and need to re-dedicate your lives to God.  If this is you, please go straight to our Salvation page and surrender your soul to Jesus, now.

As for Adina Parson, so far, she has been in recovery and has spoken a bit and that's a miracle.  There is a God, if He allowed our sister to yet live after being shot in the head, eight times.   Who wouldn't serve a God like Him?  In the meantime, she remains in our prayers and we pray Michael Parson will repent for what he has allegedly done to her and gives his soul to Christ before it is everlasting too late.

Special thanks to our reader for sending us this news tip.

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Georgia Man Accused of Shooting Wife Was Secretly Engaged to Another Woman, Police Say

By Alyssa Newcomb

In the days after Adina Parson was shot eight times outside her Sandy Springs, Ga., apartment complex, her husband Michael was by her side, ever the concerned husband. 
But in the hours he wasn't spending with his wife, he was living with his fiancee in a motel room near the hospital, communicating with prepaid cell phones, according...Read full article, here.
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