Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Memphis mom charged for beating alleged molester, coach with a baseball bat: What would you do black women?

Sisters, this issue of child molesters taking advantage of our children seem to never go away.  Now, the alleged rapist who is now a victim, Tony Massey is in the hospital in serious condition, after Lakeshia Richmond beat him with a baseball bat.  Massey's grandmother claims he would never do such a thing.  Just by looking at Massey's photo, he does not seem like he would be attracted to young boys, but as we know, you can't go by that.    Although, this mother called police, she saw Massey first, reached into her car for her bat and began beating him on the street.   We ask you black women, if this was you, would you wait on the police or just act on your malice to attack the alleged child molester?

As a mother, would you just act on your impulse to attack the accused person or just have the patience to wait on the police?   In all fairness, we suggest you wait on the police, because they need to speak with the alleged child molester and also the children, so the evidence can be revealed to the court.   However, if you act on your malice, then the court will have to wait to see if the alleged molester will survive, after the attack.   So now you see, in this case, it will be a waiting  process and she may have to serve time and it may not give investigators a chance to evaluate the accusations.   Therefore, no matter how angry you are, you must do the right thing and wait on the police.

We understand this mother's anger, because there are too many child molesters today whom are messing around with children.   There is a demon in many adults whom have lustful minds and they need to be stopped; however, the truth is, it is against the law for us to kill them.  Therefore, black women please use wisdom, if you find yourselves in a circumstance like this Memphis mom who took the law into her own hands, we suggest you pray and ask God to embrace you while you wait on the police to arrive and do their job to handle the accused child molester.

In the meantime, we pray for this mother, Lakeshia Richmond and her two sons.  Also, we pray for the alleged child molester to repent and surrender his life to Jesus Christ, if  he is guilty.  By chance, if he is innocent, he still needs to make sure Jesus Christ is in his life, if he survives.

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Memphis mom charged for beating alleged molester coach with a baseball bat 

Lakeshia Richmond says that her son told her that his little league football coach had touched him inappropriately - but that she didn’t intend to hurt the man she suspected so badly.

A mother of two boys in Memphis is facing aggravated assault charges for beating their little league football coach with a baseball bat.

Lakeshia Richmond apologized for beating Tony Massey so badly, WREG-TV reported, but said she did it because he molested her sons.

“I didn’t intend to do whatever...Read more article, here.

Source, Video and Photo: http://www.nydailynews.com


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