Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Is Latoiya Mitchell, alleged shooter of Detroit Princess receiving special treatment? Black women never receive special treatment

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Prosecutor Kym Worthy is being accused of giving special treatment to the alleged shooter, Latoiya Mitchell in the Detroit Princess shooting, but in this country of America, in our opinion, black women never get special treatment.   This case involves several people against this young couple, Latoiya Mitchell and her husband.  If they had not had a gun in self-defense, they would be dead and therefore, we agree with Mitchell's grandmother. 

We live in a country where we have a lot of violence against innocent people within the black race and often times, people do not like to look at all the facts.  However, Kym Worthy is only being fair in our opinion and we believe she does not know the grandmother, for she has done her job at looking at the entire case and being fair to acknowledge many people could have been trying to kill this young couple and they were trying to escape, since it was just the two of them.   As you know, there are always attorneys out to lie and find a reason to prosecute innocent people, but if God is defending them, there is nothing else to say.  Obviously, it is God working with Prosecutor Kym Worthy and not favoritism.   In this country of America, there ought to be a prosecutor who learns how to look at all the facts and not be so quick to put a person in prison for something they did not do and we really feel Worthy was and still is being used by God in this case.  Everyone who appears to be doing wrong, is not always the guilty one.  There is a God and He works things out for those He has chosen for special assignments within His Kingdom.  Latoiya Mitchell and her husband were at the wrong place and the wrong time, but it seems God is using this situation for them to totally surrender their lives to him, so they can when souls for His Kingdom and while doing so, they could testify how God brought them out of this.   Furthermore, many people like to always side with the multitude of accusers, but in reality, the truth is many times, they are ganging up on innocent ones whom stand alone and this is what we see in this case.   Furthermore, African Americans always want to unite, but they always blame those whom stand alone in their defense within the race.   Guns are wrong, but the multitude against this young couple allegedly also had a gun and neither party should have used one.   Therefore, if this couple should be locked up, so should the others whom acting as victims on this following video.

Also, you can look at the grandmother on the following video and tell she does not know Prosecutor Kym Worthy.

We want to encourage you black women whom have been falsely accused by several people whom have accused you of being the bad person to give your lives to God.   In our country, when black women make mistakes, it is often the multitude of the black race that wants to convict you when really you are innocent, not just some white supremacists and that is just the Devil trying to steal your freedom.  God wants your life and desires for you to serve Him and no longer be found in places like the Detroit Princess where many sinners gather for trouble.   Give your soul to Jesus, so you will no longer have to carry a gun in self-defense.   If this is you, we suggest you go straight to our Salvation page and give your life to Christ, so He can use you in a mighty way for His glory.

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Fox 2 News Headlines


Suspect in Detroit Princess shooting getting special treatment?

 By Taryn Asher

 "We're asking the office of Kym Worthy to please do her job," James Galen said.

The attorney representing the victims involved in the Detroit Princess shooting came down strong on the Wayne County prosecutor.  He claimed there is more than enough evidence to charge the alleged shooter, yet 29-year-old Latoiya Mitchell is still a free woman.

"A potential time bomb waiting to go off and shoot what?  Six more people?" Galen said.

It was the early morning hours of August 9 aboard the Detroit Princess.  Audrey Fox said she was hit in the face by Michael Thomas, Mitchell's husband.  That argument carried over to land where police...Read full article, here.


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