Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Gabby Douglas will be on Oprah's Next Chapter

Gabby Douglas will be interviewed on Oprah's Next Chapter.  Make sure you watch along with us.  Gabby Douglas is an inspiration to all black women of all ages.   It is great to know she took the courage to be all she could be in the Olympics after her single mother, Natalie Hawkins worked so hard to make her dreams come true, even after her father left for Afghanistan and did not pay child support.  

As we said before, maybe you did not have either parent, a father or a mother to encourage you, but you still must accept God as your mother and father to encourage you, no matter how old or young you are.  The way Gabby Douglas sprints up amid air should encourage each and every black woman to take that same spirit to succeed in anything in life, in anything we choose to do.

Watch Video

First Look: Gabby Douglas on Oprah's Next Chapter
Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas won gold and the hearts of millions. In her first interview from Iowa, where she trained to be the best in the world, Gabby sits down with Oprah for a candid conversation. Tune in Sunday, August 26, at 8:30/7:30c.

Source, Photo and Video: http://www.oprah.com


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