Friday, August 10, 2012

Former policewoman Keisha Johnson accused Internal affairs boss of sexual harassment

We think this former Philadelphia police officer, Keisha Johnson is very courageous to come out with her story against Jerrold Bates who was her Internal affairs boss at the time of her employment.  She allegedly says he fondled her breasts, requested to see her panties and often revealed himself as she was driving his police car while on duty and according the NY Daily News, he even masturbated in front of her while watching a porn movie.  Sisters, this story should remind you that we as black women are enslaved all sorts of ways.  Whenever someone forces you to have sex with them or even try to destroy your happiness on a daily basis, it is definitely slavery.

The way she describes this man is that he has an abnormal sexual appetite.   Although, there has not been very many complaints from police officers, it does not mean it does not occur, it possibly means that other women are probably scared to admit they have been sexually harassed by their boss, in order to keep their job.   For three years, Johnson was forewarned not to say anything else or she would lose her job.  

Sisters, whenever someone forces any of us into sexual slavery, there has got to be some way out.  It is very difficult when you do not have any other way to pay your bills, except for your job.   Therefore, we must make a smart decision to become business owners, so no one can take control of our lives.  No matter how difficult it gets to earn an income without a boss, we must choose to have faith in God and trust He will make a way for us to succeed.  If you really want to know the truth, some of us have not just endured sexual harassment, but we have also endured racial discrimination and even some female supervisors, both white and black whom have harassed and humiliated us in front of our peers, so there are all sorts of ways we have been enslaved on our jobs.   This is why each and every one of us must refuse to work for wages and become entrepreneurs.  Of course, we may have to work long hours to make our dreams come true, but it's worthwhile and the rewards will pay off.

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Internal affairs boss accused of sexual harassment by policewoman after he 'fondled her breasts and asked about her underwear'

A former Philadelphia policewoman has accused a supervisor with the city’s Police Internal Affairs Bureau of forcing her into a sexual relationship that lasted more than three years after threatening to fire her, according to an explosive new report.  

Keisha Johnson, a former city cop and aide in the Internal Affairs Bureau...Read full article, here.


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