Monday, August 20, 2012

Condoleezza Rice will be the first black woman as a member of the Augusta National Golf Club

Condoleezza Rice along with business woman, Darla Moore will be the first women to become members of Augusta Georgia's golf club.  The club allegedly mentioned they are so excited to give them their green jackets in their own words.   Augusta National Golf Club has been in existence since the early 1930's and they never invited women to join them until now.   It is very shocking to also learn, black men also were not allowed until the early 90's, according to and in our opinion, that's a shame. 

As you know Condoleezza Rice has already been a very successful black woman in the White House and for her to become the first black woman to be a part of the Augusta National Golf Club is long over due.   We ask you, why did it take them so long to not only welcome women, but also black women and black men?   In the 21st century, we are still hearing the first black in everything and it should not be this way, because our country has been very diverse for a very longtime, but obviously, we have a long ways to go.   Possibly, it did not have to be so long, if African Americans would have created their own golf clubs for every race and both genders to join.  Whenever, we deal with blacks being the last to be the first in anything, it is a spiritual matter, but we never had to wait on any organization to open the doors to us, if we really would have recognized God's empowerment within each and every one of us, once we chose to accept Him into our lives.

Condoleezza Rice Becomes First Female Member Admitted To Augusta National Golf Club

According to TMZ reports:

For the first time EVER, the Augusta National Golf Club — home of The Masters — has admitted a woman as a member … and the honor went to Condoleezza Rice!!

Augusta — located in Georgia — had been a woman-free zone since it opened for business in 1933 … and only started allowing black men...Read full article, here.



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