Saturday, August 4, 2012

Celebrity News: Sisters, after losing a child, how would you deal with Usher alleged inconsideration, if you were in Tameka's place?

We want to bring this question to your attention, since the media has just informed us that Usher has allegedly shown no concern for the death of his late stepson, Kyle Glover.   Tameka released a statement to the press, which can be found at our sister site, Sanctified Church Revolution, informing everyone that she wanted Usher to send out a Tweet for everyone to pray for her son, but instead, he tweeted something else, according to our source.  Ask yourself this question, how would you deal with Usher since he allegedly has no consideration for Tameka's grievance? 

Another reason why we ask you dear sisters that question, is simply because Usher is preparing to continue the custody battle in court on August 3, when he could have simply just delayed it permanently and settled out of court.   Usher allegedly claims he is only trying to give himself, Tameka and the two minor children more time to avoid stress and strain, according to TMZ.  However, Tameka has revealed he has just been pretending to be concerned in her own words.   How would it feel for you to endure facing Usher in two weeks, after losing your beloved son?   Of course, it would make many of us sisters bitter, realizing we had to grieve alone in the midst of a custody court battle, simply because you would think your ex-husband would have some mercy on you.   Many of us black women possibly could imagine being on the arm of a celebrity, but something should tell us, Usher maybe a replica of many black men in Hollywood who may be just that cold.  

Of course, Tameka may have had her own personal issues, but the truth is ladies, nobody is perfect and neither is Usher.   Possibly, God would have woke Kyle up, but knowing the ex-husband in Tameka's life may have had an unforgiving heart, He was not going to allow Him to endure anymore pain watching his mother cry and endure more depression, regarding their custody battle.    

In our opinion, one of the best ways to deal with an ex-husband who wants to continue a custody battle, after losing your son, is simply just to walk in the court room with God.   You must hold your head up high, knowing you are not alone.   You must pray each and every day and night, realizing God is on your side, but of course, you have to give your life over to Him.  Therefore, you must have a close relationship with God.  Sisters, are you in a similar situation as Tameka Foster?   Has your ex-man had an alleged affair with his manager who was in your wedding and now that you lost your son or daughter, it seems like he is gloating and has shown no concern for your welfare?   God wants to now be in the place of a man like Usher.   He wants to be close to you and love you more than any other man knows how to do.   If this is you, would you like to give your life over to Jesus Christ, so He can take control of your painful situation?   It does not matter who was right or who was wrong, God does not take sides against you. After you repent and turn your life over to Him he will show you more love that anyone in this world.   So, if you are in a similar situation like Tameka Foster, we invite you to visit our Salvation page right now and give your soul to Jesus Christ.  Allow God to come into your life and when you have to face that man in court who walked off and left you to bear your pain alone, He will prove how powerful He is.  God will prove He loves you so much more than that man.  Once you give your life over to God, you will realize He is watching how you are being mistreated by that man and even the person he left you for.  Remember just like God is watching this whole situation with Usher allegedly being so cold with Tameka, He is watching how your ex-husband is also being so cold toward you and He will take care of it.  Furthermore, please realize dear sisters, your child is with Jesus and he or she will not have to watch you cry anymore.

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