Sunday, August 26, 2012

Celebrity News: Now that Usher has primary custody of Tameka Foster's kids, what next black women?

Think about it, there were at least 3 black women we saw leading this custody case, one of Usher's attorney's, Tameka's attorney and then, the judge, Bensonetta Tipton Lane. According to Georgia Family Law blog, Judge Lane was the judge over T. I. case who ruled that he pay $3,000 a month to LaShon Dixon, because he was not paying enough money in child support, at first, allegedly.  Why does it seem like there was possibly some prejudice toward the mother, Tameka Foster in this case, even after she lost her older son, Kyle Foster?   You know, many times black women hold the power of how some black men mistreat other black women and in this case, it seems as though there was not enough consideration for Tameka Foster who not only bore those two boys, but recently had to bury one.

Sisters, we hold the key to how some black men treat other black women and it really hurts that Tameka will not have primary custody of her two sons, she bore into this world.  In our opinion, we feel there should have been more focus on Tameka's grievance and not for Usher to have ultimate favor, regardless of his fame and fortune.    Allegedly, there is more emotional trauma for our dear sister, now she that has to endure the thought of Usher sleeping with one of her bride's maids and her two sons being in her presence without her consent.   In the African American race, most never think of how a woman feels in her own misery.   In Tameka's situation they are not thinking how she may feel being mistreated as though she is a bad parent, after losing another child.   This is why being black has nothing to do with pride, because when your own kind hurts you, after realizing each and everyone of us has endured racism, it is clearly a spiritual matter.    Now, we acknowledge after the closed chapter of this custody battle, Tameka still has a life, which is very valuable in the eyes of God.   Oh, you may say like those whom were in the court room before Kyle died, 'look at the way she acted and all the smug expressions she gave toward Usher...', but all that does not even matter after she had to bury her son.   God does not think about how we previously behaved in our lives, He is just concerned about our future.   He still expected for Tameka to have more rights as a parent, after burying her son, not elevate Usher as though he is a hero.   Usher, 10 years younger was and still is supported by the masses because of his household name, not necessarily because he has been a good father.   Observing this case, this teaches us that men of all ages are supported in this world more than the woman and it is very unfair, but that fact is very true.  If a man is older, the same age or even younger, it seems like some black women cater to them over the woman, no matter what they have done to offend her.  You know black women, some of us may have never understood why the feminist movement has been in existence until now, because when a woman's rights has been supported by some other women, along with men, there is a cause for such a liberation, in support for women like Tameka Foster.  No, we may not believe in lesbianism, because we are women of God, but such a movement for women of all types should also include black women like Tameka, because for so many years, the feminist movement allegedly seemed to cater to mostly white women.   Therefore, it is time for us to consider what our sisters in Tameka's situation and other painful circumstances are going through in their lives, even if the majority of others do not care to comprehend and have no concern.

Tameka Foster can still rise beyond her painful circumstances by faith.   These are the sort of black women whom become the greatest souls and conquer defeat in their lives for everyone to see God's power in their lives.  It may look like this case is over, but in the heavenly realm, it is not over, there is another chapter which will be revealed to us.   Usher is nothing but dust, just like all the rest of us, he is not superior over Tameka, regardless of her personal flaws.   There is a higher being who created each and everyone of us and it is time for us to realize no matter how much our own kind and other races may mistreat us as black women, God is still the ruler of our lives once we fully surrender to Him.   Tameka and many of you whom are suffering extreme emotional agony like her are empowered to move forward and not look at your present circumstances, but focus on God.  It does not matter whom supports your enemy or what position they may have, God can remove all Pharaoh's in our lives, whether they be man or woman, black or white, young or old, famous or just ordinary people.  What do we mean by Pharaoh's?   Anyone whom has robbed you of your natural right of joy, peace and love, similar to the slave master, King Pharaoh in the Bible whom enslaved the children of Israel for hundreds of years.  Sisters, slavery comes in all forms and many times,  we suffer the same sort of persecution from or own race of people, young and old.

Remember ladies, there is a higher judge and just because it looks as though Usher has ultimate favor and Tameka has no support, God is still the highest power over this entire universe and He sees and knows everyone whom has been unfair to Tameka and other black women whom have suffered such emotional trauma, likewise.  In Romans 8:31, God's Word remind us, 'What shall we then say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?'  Therefore, God always has an ending to the our present sufferings, which are only temporary and He will fight our battle, if we remain faithful to Him.

Source: Georgia Family Law
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