Thursday, August 30, 2012

Celebrity News: Gabby Douglas was told to get a nose job by staffer at old gym: How black women should deal with racism in the 21st century

You know, we can recall a story by one of our journalist who attended college in Sacramento, Ca. and she can remember a female bi-racial student claiming that racism no longer existed in America.  The white female professor gave preferential treatment to her over the few black ones in class just for telling that lie.  When we think about how our fellow journalist endurance of such ignorance, we are so proud Gabby Douglas is being honest and not afraid to admit the racism she has faced as a gymnast.  She says a staffer at an old gym told her she needs a nose job.  To tell you the truth, Gabby's nose is much smaller than a lot of white women we have seen, not all of them have small noses like hers.  She's only 16 years old.  Why don't they just stop all the jealousy?

You know, that was clearly Satan for whomever told Gabby she needs a nose job, because it seems like as soon as many African Americans become famous celebrities, they are deceived they have to change they way they look to be accepted within our society. All of the celebrities whom fell for the deception, pity on them, because they accepted a lie that God's creation is not beautiful.   When you look at that above photo of Gabby Douglas tell us, if you see a big nose and we don't care if it is as big as the Golden Gate bridge, she is a precious little soul and there is nothing wrong with the way God made her.   Gabby Douglas has a perfect nose and everything else about her is perfect, the way God created her to be and expects for her to remain, even when she gets older.  Shame on the person who told that lie, possibly they do not like what they look like mirror and they are only jealous of Gabby and wish they could look like her and even be blessed with her talent as a gymnast.

There is not many young people who would hold their head up high and tell the truth, instead the average one maybe gullible as a puppet to kiss up.  Now you see why we tell you black women of all ages to take Gabby Douglas success for your own life, because she is such a courageous soul.  Although, we encourage you to focus on God in the midst of enduring racial discrimination and even prejudice from our own kind, we know it is necessary to support the very few intelligent ones like Gabby Douglas who wants to let her hurt out and talk about all the racism they endured.  Let us remind you that racism is a spiritual issue and we only ignore it, when there are some ignorant black people who complain about it, after hating being black and  resenting their own race.  However, we do not feel that coming from Gabby at all.   In our opinion, she is the only young person we have heard honestly admit what she has been through as a black female of this era.   If there are others, we wish they would come out of hiding, but we really do not think they are strong enough to admit racial discrimination.   Gabby Douglas is a very courageous strong young lady God has placed on earth to be an example in an era when many black people would rather lie and claim racism does not exist.    Regardless of all the diversity across America, racism still exist and is very real, but it has been hard to discuss because of some African Americans whom idolize the white race over God.

Black women of all ages, when we look at Gabrielle Douglas, let us remember she is a gift from God for us to model our success after and not give up on life.    Let us embrace her strength and realize that her life is a miracle from God, because she has been so honest to admit the racism she endured as she practiced to become the first black woman as an all around gymnast.

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Olympics champion Gabby Douglas: I was told to get a nose job by staffer at old gym

Years before she won gold and became an American favorite, the comment by a staffer at Excalibur was ‘very hurtful’ to the young star.

Gabby Douglas may be America’s Olympic golden-girl now, but long before she made gymnastic history, the 16-year-old was told by a staffer at her small-town gym that she should think about getting a nose job.

The comment came years before she won two Olympic golds, but this — and other comments about her appearance and heritage made before, during, and after this year’s games — show just how hard Douglas’s path to...Read full article, here.

Photo Courtesy: Jeanne Noonan/for New York Daily News


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