Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Celebrity News: Black Women, are you ready to watch Jennifer and Julia Hudson's upcoming interview on Oprah's Next Chapter?

Celebrity songstress and actress Jennifer Hudson and her sister, Julia will be on the upcoming episode of Oprah's Next Chapter. It will be very interesting to hear what the two Hudson sisters have to say about what has occurred in their lives, after William Balfour has been sentenced to three life sentences for killing their mother, brother and of course, son and nephew.  Also, we see the father of Jennifer Hudson's child, David Otunga will also be on Oprah's Next Chapter and it will be very interesting to hear what they both have to say, regarding their relationship.

What we like about this sister duo, is that the Hudson sisters are not allowing the previous family tragedy separate them and no doubt, they are both much closer than before.  Sisters, this is how we should be among the entire race of black women, for many evil souls seek to destroy us.  Many black women have died in tragic situations and it is very difficult to accept many of our sisters are hated among each other.   We must learn love our sisters we are naturally kin to and even black women in general.  One thing is for sure, there is a lesson to be learned when we think about the Hudson sisters and that is, not to allow anyone separate those you love, even after they have destroyed our families.   God allows certain tragic circumstances for a reason and it was not just for the Hudson sisters, but also for black women to learn to be cautious of what man they allow in their lives.  Julia Hudson has been very blessed to have her celebrity sister stick by her side as they have endured the horrific triple murder in their family, previously.

We know this upcoming interview with Jennifer Hudson and her sister, Julia is going to be very interesting and we are looking forward to it.   Sisters, will you be watching next Sunday's upcoming Oprah's Next Chapter?

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Oprah First Look Interview of Jennifer and Julia Hudson on upcoming “Next Chapter” Episode (video)

by The Church Lady
 I don’t know about you, but The Church Lady is loving me some Oprah’s Next Chapter Episodes on the OWN network, I think O’ has got her groove back! On September 9th she will interview Jennifer and Julia Hudson and from the looks of Oprah’s first look interview...Read full article, here.  


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