Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bride-to-be Stabs Fiance over Wedding arrangements: Would you kill over wedding plans, black women??

Na Cola Darcel Franklin, 31 was supposed to be marrying her fiance, Billy Rafael Brewster, 36, but for some reason she got angry over wedding arrangements and stabbed him to death.  During the argument relatives of the deceased victim tried to stop Franklin from stabbing him while four young children were watching the entire fatal scene.   We ask you sisters, would you kill your fiance over wedding plans?  If you ever want to get out of getting marrying your fiance, just simply tell him you do not love him and wish to remain single, but do not take his life.

We cannot understand why Franklin would kill right before her wedding.  The only reason we could think of, is she just did not want to tie the knot, but there could have been a much better way to deal with it, instead of stabbing Brewster.  Although, they were planning to get married on that very day, Na Cola could have simply sat him down and admit how she really felt and the food he was going to buy could have been a party for them to just remain friends.  Furthermore, it perplexed us why she asked the judge if he was dead, after stabbing him.

Sisters,we know many of our fathers may have disowned us or our step-fathers could have treated our mothers very bad, but it is best to never get married if memories yet haunt you.  Possibly, you recall your father or stepfather beating your mother and none of your male siblings were there to protect her, your anger is to be understood, but you must deal with it.   If a man proposes to you, do not except it, if you are yet bitter over how men in the family mistreated you and your mother.  This could be the root of the problem and it happens in a lot of black families, but many black women do not talk about it.   Therefore, it was much more than wedding arrangements as to why Na Cola stabbed her fiance.

The saddest part about this case, is that Billy Brewster's mother admitted on this following video that her son was so happy, but obviously he did not know Na Cola had her own demons haunting her to kill the next black man who possibly reminded her of someone in her past, an abusive (step)father or family member, an ex-boyfriend or some black man who just repeatedly abused her.   No excuse, but this possibly is the root of the cause of this horrific murder.

May Billy Brewster rest in peace and we pray Na Cola gives her soul to Jesus Christ and repents for killing her deceased fiance.

You maybe a troubled woman who needs Jesus Christ to come into your life.  If you are miserable with a man and at times, you do not know why you get angry at him, maybe you are lacking salvation and have not gotten over how a man who may have mistreated you or your mother.  If you are not saved, please rush to our Salvation page and turn your life over to God before it is everlasting too late.   However, if you do know Jesus Christ and for some reason you get very agitated around your fiance, we invite you to go straight to our Salvation page.  On the Salvation page, there is a link for you to watch videos of various preachers whom will strengthen you, so you can get closer to God.  Jesus loves you and if you are struggling with this issue of resentment, it is alright to admit it, all you need to do is for Jesus Christ to love you, because He is the one who will understand you much more than the man in your life.  God bless you.

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No bail for bride-to-be charged with stabbing fiancĂ© in the heart on their wedding day 

Na Cola Darcel Franklin is accused of grabbing a knife and stabbing husband-to-be Billy Rafael Brewster during an argument even as relatives tried to intervene.

Na Cola Darcel Franklin was supposed to be a newlywed. Instead, she’s in a Pennsylvania prison.

Franklin is being held without bail on a charge of criminal homicide...Read full article, here.

Source, Photo Courtesy and Video: NYDailyNews.com
Video: KTLA.com


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