Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Black Women, do you have a receding hairline because of traction alopecia? Woman talks about how to prevent losing your hairline

Going by this woman's account name on You Tube, we can assume her name is Connie.  She really shares a wealth of information on how traction alopecia has robbed a lot of black women of enjoying their hairline, even those within other countries such as Africa suffer with traction alopecia.   If you have been a regular reader of Real Long Hair blog, you can recall us previously forewarning you about the danger in braiding your hair too tight, but it is so much more than that, many of our sisters lose their hair line, because they also pull their hair back too tight in all sorts of ways, for not wanting to show their natural kinks.

Connie encourages black women to be very wise and stop following the culture of others whom have lived their lives trying to avoid showing their kinky edges by wearing a very tight pony tails, wearing tight braids and even weaves, which kills your hair follicles.   As a black woman, you must learn to accept yourself as God created you to be and that is with kinky hair.   Connie made the point, regarding our American society, which has always caused black women to feel less beautiful and so they will do anything to show they have straight hair and make sure it is very straight around the edges.  Dear sisters, we do not know if you have noticed this or not, but many black women have lost their hairline and have trouble regrowing it back.   Each and every one of us are going to have to make a constant decision to stop expecting others to accept us by hiding our natural hair and be original black women.   It does not matter who is ashamed to be around us or whom makes fun of us, it is up to us to save our hair from developing alopecia.   When Connie says, traction alopecia is no joke, it is definitely no joke, so it is time to take heed and learn to accept ourselves and allow our hair to grow out without being pulled and often straightened. 

Although, Connie thinks many black women may never regrow their hairline, because of traction alopecia.  However, feel there is hope, but it takes dedication to care for your natural hair and no longer be ashamed of it and especially repenting to God for killing our hair.  Yes, most definitely, we as black women must repent for killing our hair, just to be accepted by this American society we live in.   So, please watch the video and make a wise decision to no longer damage your hair, grow it and love it naturally, the way God created it to be.

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