Monday, August 27, 2012

Black Women be very careful in high steep places: New York tourist fell to her death down waterfall in Puerto Rico

Bronx resident, Kenah Huggins went on trip to Puerto Rico with friends and while there, she toured the waterfall in a tropical rain forest.  She was posing for pictures and accidentally slipped and fell to her death.  We just want to forewarn you sisters to be very careful while sightseeing and posing for photos in high places.  This is not the first time, we have heard of people accidentally falling to their deaths.   Allegedly, there have been several incidents in Niagara Falls.   Too many people try to enjoy the beauty so much, they become too bold around steep and high places in front of their friends or loved ones.

Sisters, you do not have to prove to your friends how brave you are while going near these waterfalls or even high rocks that is beyond several hundred feet of land.   It is better to be safe than to end your life before your time.  It does not matter who calls you, 'chicken' or accuses you of being scary.  You have to love yourself more than your friends love you.   It is better to stay away from these sort of hazardous places and just enjoy the sights at a distance.  Evidently, Kenah Huggins did not think the waterfall would take her too her grave as she posed in front of her friends, but now she is dead at only 35 years old.    Not necessarily Huggins, but we believe some other tourists whom have fell to their deaths, such as at Niagara Falls, simply because they were risky people.  For whatever reason, by accident or just taking a risk, this is a very sad situation that ended this black woman's life.

You have to be even careful around deep water, newlywed Maria Pantazopoulos died posing for wedding photos in Canada last week, according to   She posed in a playful ritual called, 'Trash the Dress' where brides pose for photos while destroying their wedding gowns.  Pantazopoulos, a real estate agent was only 30 years old when she was forced under water by the weight of her dress.  She tried to hold on and the photographer tried to save her, but the current was too strong and she drowned under water.  Hours later, her body was discovered about 100 feet away from where she first sank to her death in a river about 20 feet deep.

Over a week ago,
SCR blog just did an article about two brothers who died in Yosemite National Park while on a camping trip with their church in California. Their mother hurt her back while trying to rescue her sons out of the river, one died and the last we heard, the other brother was still lost and rescuers were searching for his body.  There are many other stories we could mention here, but you get the point.  Please be very careful and do not be so eager to take pictures while getting too close to high steep places like waterfalls, rocks and deep water.

May Kenah Huggins rest in peace.   In the meantime, we will keep her family in our prayers.  Also, may Maria Pantazopoulos rest in peace and we pray for her widower and family.

New York tourist swept away by raging river posing for picture near waterfall in Puerto Rico

By Daily Mail Reporter

A New York City woman tragically fell to her death into a rushing river while posing for photos near a waterfall at a tropical rainforest in Puerto Rico. 

The body of Bronx resident Kenah Huggins was found on Sunday in a river in El Yunque National Forest near Rio Grande, Puerto Rico, after she slipped into the raging waters...Read full article, here.

Source and Photo Courtesy:
Source: Sanctified Church Revolution


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