Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bernadette Jones dies after being in a coma for 21 YEARS: This type of love is needed within the black family

The life of this woman, Bernadette Jones was nothing but a miracle, she lived for 21 years in a coma while her family cared for her.  Finally, she was laid to rest by her family.   Her family had so much faith for her to come out of her coma, they never gave up hope.   It is very sad, we do not see this type of love within the average black family, but this woman had a family who sincerely loved and cared for her until her death.

After she was brutally attacked by her cruel husband, she went into a coma.   Her husband had no business in this country in the first place and to beat his wife unconscious was just dirty, because she was never able to wake up for 21 long years.  Sisters, many times we take things for granted and do not realize how blessed we are.  Do you know this could have been anyone of us?  

Yes, God blessed this woman to live and she was a miracle for so long, but we feel He allowed it, so many of us can learn how to be grateful and to stop murmuring and complaining about our present circumstances.  Our problems we deal with from day to day maybe very emotionally painful, but God wants us to look at women like Bernadette and constantly thank Him and trust Him to bring us out.   We are only experiencing our personal trials until we learn how to have faith for Him to make things better for us.  Our present situation are only for a season and until we can remember that fact, then, we will began seeing things turn around in our lives.  In the meantime, we ought to thank God for Bernadette Jones life, because she was a testimony for each and every last one of us to continue to have faith.  She was a mother of three, but her family never gave up hope.  God always leaves us with a lesson through someone else life.

Furthermore, let us continue to pray for God to create more families like Bernadette's family, because the reason why many black women give up on their lives, is simply because their families have given up on them.  They have tormented them with the cruelest words, all because of their personal mistakes.  If we do not have caring families to love us, then we should pray and ask God to help us to create our own, this way, other sisters can see more better examples of how the black family should be.  Many times, some black families can be so cruel, they have left many of our sisters in a spiritual state as though they are living as a vegetable, leaving them stagnated in life, without feeling as though they have confidence to be great women.  They may not be physically in a condition the way Bernadette Jones lived for 21 years, but mentally and emotionally, lack of love from the average black family has destroyed their courage to do anything positive in life.

If you have lost faith, because you lack love from your family, you need to realize all you need is Jesus Christ.   Maybe you have been depressed because your family has insulted you and mistreated you as though you are nothing and it has spiritually left you as though you do not have confidence to be successful.   Sisters, you need Christ in your life, so you can dust your feet and live for Him.  You need to learn how to forgive them, but move on with your life, so you won't have to put up anymore with their insults.   A family is supposed to love you so much, they will be by your bedside in case you are ill like Bernadette's family, but as you know in the average black family, it's very rare.   You can depend on God, if you give your life to Him.   Do you want to be saved?  If so, please rush to our Salvation page and give your life to Christ and allow Him to love you like no one else can.

May Bernadette Jones rest in peace and God bless her family.

Woman dies after being in a coma for 21 YEARS following attack by her illegal alien husband

A mother-of-three has died, 21 years after her drunken husband beat her into a coma, from which she never woke up. 

Bernadette Jones was kept alive by her distraught family in a specially designed basement room at their Buffalo house.

They brought her comatose body home from hospital eight months after the attack by her spouse, Patrick Guiteau, vowing not to give up on her life.

That first night her children climbed into bed with her and for the next two decades relatives would face court...Read full article, here.

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