Monday, July 23, 2012

Woman Dies After Abortion At Planned Parenthood In Chicago: Black Women does God condone abortions?

Tonya Reaves is a young woman who recently died after having an abortion at Chicago's Planned Parenthood.  Since birth control began by Margaret Higgins Sanger in the early 1900s, God has not been happy about it.  God never desired for humanity to stop babies from being born on His planet.  We are very sad, regarding the death of our dear sister, Tonya Reaves.  However, for the rest of our sisters whom are yet living, we want to encourage you to bore your children and after you have them, give them up for adoption, if you do not desire to raise them. Among black women or any other race of women, God wants a change, He no longer wants to see us having abortions, it hurts Him.

As black women, once we come into the family of God, we should think about how Jesus feels about the choices we make in our lives.  No longer, should we be so diverse that we allow ourselves to choose how the world lives their lives.  Instead, we are women of God and we must began to operate our lives based on God's expectations.   Now, we are not saying Reaves deserved to die, but this article is for the rest of us who are still alive.  Let us vow to no longer condone abortions for our lives.  You may ask, how do you know God does not agree with abortions?  Based on Bishop Earthquake Kelley's alleged testimony, which can be found at Sanctified Church Revolution's video page (toward the bottom, start at 35:05), God told him, He does not agree with abortion.  In heaven, Bishop Kelley saw children in their own circles and in the second group, Jesus showed him little children whom were aborted. God told him, he had a purpose for these children whom were aborted.  He had a purpose for their lives, but their parents sent them back and God sounded very sad and disappointed about it.  Therefore, we plead with you to get your heart right God and not have any abortions.   Now, specifically, if you have been raped are a survivor of incest, God may understand, we are not sure.  However, you must pray and seek God and vow to no longer go get abortions, which offends God.

May Tonya Reaves rest in peace.

If you have had an abortion and you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, we want to invite you to go to our Salvation page.   No matter who impregnated you, we want you to know Jesus forgives all sinful behavior and will accept you and your baby, even if it happened because of incest or even rape.   Ladies, the Bible lets us know, murder is a sin.  The Bible says, 'Thou shall not kill,'  in Exodus 20:13.  Therefore, many women are alleged murderers when they have abortions.  However, God forgives them, just like any other murderer.   God obviously does not want us sending our babies back, so as women who are in a relationship with Jesus Christ, we must no longer have anything else to do with supporting abortions.  So, when you become a child of God, you must change the way you think and the choices we make and agree with God on any matter.   Even if you are pregnant right now and have scheduled an appointment, you must think about how God feels about it, because He allowed you to be born, regardless of how you got here.   Do you love God enough to give Him your life and willing to be obedient to His will and only accept His way?   If so, please go straight to our Salvation page, right now.  Jesus loves you and accepts you as you are.  Welcome to the family of Christ, dear sisters.  

For the rest of you who know Christ and you have had an abortion, just repent.  If you are pregnant and about to get one, change your thoughts according to God's plan and do not schedule an abortion. God would rather you place your child up for an adoption.  God bless you. 

Woman Dies After Abortion At Planned Parenthood In Chicago

The family of a Chicago woman who died after an abortion at Planned Parenthood says it wants answers about her death. Tonya Reaves, 24, died late Friday night from a hemorrhage, with a cervical dilation and evacuation, as well as an intrauterine pregnancy as contributing causes, according to the medical examiner’s office.

She died after she’d had an abortion at Planned Parenthood at 18 S. Michigan Av, according to the medical examiner’s office. Her death was ruled an accident, but the Reaves family wants to know more, especially...Read full article, here.

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