Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Why do Some Black Women Continue to Relax and Dye Their Hair, After Losing It?

For many years, we have seen some black women with extremely short hair, as though they are unable to grow it.   Even after they realize why they lost it.  Because of over-processing, they still put more relaxers and dyes on their hair.  For years, their hair remains extremely short, simply because they they do not allow their hair to rest.   Sisters, you have to give your hair a break, you cannot ever expect your hair to grow, if you continue damage it with more chemicals.  Your hair can only take so much and it will not ever be healthy, if you do not take care of it.   Although, many of you may not want to be, you are black, very different than any other race of women and you must accept that fact.   You cannot relax and dye your hair as though you have stringy hair like other races of women, because black hair has to be managed much different, because it is distinct and very unique.  

If you want your hair to be healthy, then you must learn how to accept yourself as you are and give your hair a break.  Very often, many of our sisters will imagine growing their hair very long, but they are not willing to do what is necessary to make it happen.  Plain and simple, stop continuously putting chemicals in your hair, because if you repeatedly over process it, it will have a much harder time to repair.   Make a wise decision and put away those boxes of relaxers and dyes and learn how to give your hair a break by letting it grow out, naturally.    

Did you know when you put dye over relaxer, it is too harsh on your hair?   When you dye your hair over your relaxed hair, it like repeating the process of your relaxer.   If your hair is repeatedly breaking off in the sink or every-time you comb it, then you have to realize you are definitely ready for a change, because if not, you will forever have very short hair.   So, let us give you some simple tips how to stop over-processing your hair.  

Tip 1: Visit a licensed beautician and let them know exactly what is going on with your hair.  Tell them you would like for them to cut off your dead hair, so you can start new growth.   Now, in order for you to see new growth does not happen over night, when your hair has been repeatedly damaged from several chemical processes, so just be patient.

Tip 2: For several months, allow your natural hair to grow and do not, we repeat, do not put any chemicals in it.   Allow your hair to rest and you may use creams to soften your natural hair as it grows out.  When you buy or make Shea Butter, it will soften our hair, not only promote new growth.  Also, hair mayonnaise is good to use on your natural hair as it grows out, because it also softens and conditions your hair.

Tip 3: Regularly wash your hair, at least once or twice a week.  Your hair loves water.

Tip 4: Do not get tempted to hide your short hair, because of hair trends in the black community.  One of the most popular ones today are black women wearing wigs.   Many times, if they do not want to take the time and care for their hair, they will just place a wig on their heads and continue covering up their natural beauty.   Some of these women do it, because they are not patient and would rather pretend to have long hair, but all this will do, is damage your real hair even more, because you are not allowing your hair to breathe.  Your hair not only loves water, but also air, it wants to always breathe.

Tip 5: Do not over clog your scalp with grease.   This is the worst thing you can do when trying to grow back your hair or in general.  Do not ever use heavy oils and grease on your damaged hair (or even healthy hair), because again, it cannot breathe when it is covered and grease does nothing but clog your scalp and it will not get any air. 

Tip 6:  Continue to see a licensed beautician you trust and allow them to trim and shape your natural hair.   A lot of times, when you style your beautiful kinky hair, you mess up.   So, allow a professional to regularly trim your natural hair, so you can enjoy wearing it.
Tip 7: Make sure you eat right to help the growth process.

Tip 8: This should have been your first tip, throw out all those relaxers and dyes.  Also, do not be tempted by friends to put those chemicals back into your hair.  Sometimes, family and your closet friends can give you the wrong advice, but you know what you have been through with your own hair, don't listen to them.  It is not alright to put anymore chemicals in your hair during your growth process and it is not okay to go buy some wigs just to feel like you fit in with today's average black woman.  Do what is best for your hair and forget what is popular.


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