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Update: Adaisha Miller was on her knees doing an exotic dance when police gun shot her: Black Women can do better and must be different

We feel very bad for the victim, Adaisha Miller, but we have learned more information of why the police officer's gun went off.  Miller was an alleged exotic dancer, according to MailOnline.  The married police officer's allegedly claims she touched the gun while on her knees about to do a dance.  Her life story is not the only one that ended tragic while allegedly doing adult services in Detroit.  However, as we have told you before, we have a responsibility as black women to serve God, we are not born to be exotic dancers, escorts, porn stars or phone operators or to be involved with any other sort of adult services.  God wants us to totally surrender our lives to Him, regardless of what age we are.   Now, this 24-year-old woman was allegedly on her knees about to do a dance for the police officer when the gun went off.  Is this how God desires for us to end our lives?

Note: we feel very bad for her family, but the truth must be told to help other black women.  We believe we should be held to spiritual standard, in order for God and His angels to take charge over our lives.

 Life is very hard and it is very difficult to earn a decent income, but as we have told you in our previous articles, God desires better for us and making quick money is not His will.   It is very sad many black women in Detroit are obviously choosing to make some quick cash, instead of being creative as successful career women.  We do not ever mean to judge, all we are saying is this, many of our sisters must make better decisions, if they desire God to give them a long life.   We must live by God's laws and avoid ever being involved with the adult industry or illegal affairs.  Now, we know Miller was not killed because she was an alleged exotic dancer, but how can God ever protect any of us, if we are not doing His will?  She may not have been murdered similar to the alleged escorts who were found burned in the trunks of their cars, but she ended her life doing something God does not desire for us to do.

Was this officer wrong?  Of course, he was, but it was allegedly his home and it seems as though Miller could have been hired to do a dance for him.  If he was wearing his gun as a part of the act, then it could be very difficult for Miller's family to prove he should be held responsible for her death.

In the eyes of God, we are so valuable, it does not matter how society looks down on us, because of our race.    As black women, we must choose to not involve ourselves with the adult industry or anything illegal, if we want God's protection.  There are spiritual principles we must follow.   We cannot continue to learn about these tragic stories without black women taking heed and making a wise decision to change their lives.  If black women or any other race of women would stop choosing to do adult services, then these sort of men like the police officer hiring them would not exist. 

Adaisha Miller attended Everest to graduate as a massage therapist.  She died one day before her 25th birthday.  May God rest Adaisha Miller's soul.

Maybe you are a black woman who cannot see no other way out and you feel as though you cannot make a decent living without being an exotic dancer, escort, sex operator or even a porn star.  God loves you and He is so concerned about you.  He does not want you to do any of those things, but desires for you to totally surrender your life to Him.  Yes, life can be very difficult and choosing a decent career will take some time, but it is so much better when God protects you from danger, if you living a complete holy life.   Many of you dear sisters need God's guidance to make a decent living, but first, you must choose to serve Him.   Do you want to be saved and cleansed from your sins?   If so, do not wait, because it may eventually be too late.   In Joshua 24:15, the Bible says for you to choose who you will serve, God or the Devil.  If you choose God, please go straight to our Salvation page, now.

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Party-goer was on her knees doing an 'exotic dance' when policeman's gun went off and killed her

By Daily Mail Reporter

Police now say that the girl who was fatally shot by an off-duty officer's gun at a Detroit fish fry was kneeling behind the married man as she danced and touched his waistband.
Detroit officials reported that 24-year-old Adaisha Miller was performing some kind of 'exotic dance' that placed her in the line of fire for the holstered gun. 

This theory contradicts the previous idea that she was hugging officer Isaac Parrish from behind when she was shot...Read full article, here.

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