Monday, July 16, 2012

Two Texas women killed while changing tire, 16-year-old driver ran them over: Black Women, please wait for roadside assistance

Now, we are not placing the blame on these two black women, when we forewarn you to wait for roadside assistance, we clearly understand there are crazy drivers of all ages whom have no regard for humanity or they are just not good drivers.  Sisters, look at these cousins in the above photos, Shun Jones, 48, in the left picture and Omo-Iyamu, 38 in the right one had no idea that would be their last birthday trip together.   They both were young and died before their time.  Even if your children do not know how to change a tire, it is always best for you to be safe and be patient as you wait for roadside assistance to change your tire for you.  Sometimes, some of us black women can be so stubborn and won't listen to nobody.  You may say, 'oh I've done it before, I've done it a dozen times and everything was alright,' but ladies, you do not know when it maybe your last time.   So please take heed from this story and do not change your own tires, look under the hood, underneath your car, or even in your trunk for no reason.   Think about your life and be safe and smart.

It is time for we as black women to be willing to be careful when driving across country or even within the same city or town we live in.  When you took your driver's lesson, do you recall your driver telling you to always drive for other careless drivers?   In this case of Shun Jones and her cousin Omo-Iyamu, they both had no choice, because you can remember to drive for other drivers while driving on the road.  For instance, when a car is coming over without a signal, you do not just keep driving and blurt out, 'they better watch it, they know they see me,' no, you go slowly, do the right thing and let them over.   In this case, these two women were not driving, they both were simply changing a tire on the side of the road and they could not think for this inexperienced driver.  Instead, he took their lives and they both were flown from the vehicle.  There was nothing Shun's son could do as he stood in shock watching the entire scene.

Sisters, we would not always forewarn you about this fatal tragedies, if we did not care about you, but we plead with you to be wise.  Use the sense God gave you and please call roadside assistance.  However, we are not saying these two deceased cousins were not intelligent, it just seems as they made the wrong choice to do it themselves without thinking about what could happen.

Michel Martin, a 37-year-old relative of the careless 16-year-old driver,  lied to police officers and claimed he was driving during the fatal accident, when in fact, Tristan Martin vanished from the scene.  Tristan Martin was not even old enough to drive the tractor trailer, they law requires the driver to be at least 18-years-old.  The older Martin was selfish in our opinion and cared more about his teen relative and not the two black women whom died.  This is why we as black women must care about our safety, if nobody else does.

May Shun Jones and Omo-Iyamu rest in peace. We hate it that their tragic story had to be a lesson for other black women to take heed.

If you are not saved and you do not know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, we want to invite you to go straight to our Salvation page and accept Him as the ruler of your life.  You don't know when it will be your last chance.  Take heed dear sisters, before it is everlasting too late.  God bless you.

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Two women on birthday road trip killed as they changed tyre when truck driven by 16-year-old ran them over


Two cousins were killed on a birthday road trip when they got out of their car to change a tyre - and were hit by a truck-tractor being driven by a 16-year-old. The women, from Texas, had pulled over to the side of Interstate 70 in Limon, Colorado, and were fixing the flat tyre on their 2007 Pontiac Vibe when the vehicle ran them over, according to police. The two women have been...Read full article, here.

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