Sunday, July 8, 2012

TV One Love Addiction Review: Black Women, Allow God to Work in Your Life Before You Expect a Good Man

Ladies, we thought we would feature a review about TV One's Love Addiction, because we were very concerned for our dear sister, Blair.  Although, Bryan's friends stepped in at the end to get him counseling to do the right thing and leave her alone, we yet felt Blair was left without realizing there is someone who not only loves her, but can also heal her of her illness.   We do not know Blair or what she believes in, but we felt because of her suffering with lupus, she was putting her faith in a man who cared nothing about her.   We could not help but wonder, if she believed in God or even believed He loved her?   So, for the rest of you black women whom may not believe in God depending on a man to love you, you should read this article, because we not only are concerned about Blair, but many other black women like her in the world.

Blair has a beautiful spirit and revealed more beauty than the average woman who does not have lupus, because she is raising 5 children that are her sister's kids.  She does not even have her kids of her own and she is raising those 5 kids all by herself.   She was willing to be with this man, Bryan, after she found out he had a baby during their relationship.  Now this is how tender Blair's heart is.   She stayed with a man who lived off of her disability check and knew he was a flirt.   There are possibly many other black women like Blair, allowing a man to be with her, just because she is ill and may feel so afraid by herself.   Sisters, Blair is our sister and we should really pray for God to reveal Himself to her, because he loves her so much more than any man and all of those ignorant folks who were making mockery of her when Bryan would take her out in public.  For her sweet and gentle spirit, God has so much in store for her.

As black women, we have a lot of personal issues, because many times men within our families were the first ones to hurt us.  Our fathers may have left us when we were very young and our brothers may not have had anything to do with us, because we possibly had a different father than them or maybe they were very cold toward us.   Therefore, by nature many of us easily open up our hearts to good-looking black men or not at all.  Let's face it, we have seen better looking men than Bryan, but he was not bad looking, although his spirit was very ugly as revealed on this following video. Many black women yet desire black men, although they grew up to feel betrayed or neglected by one.   However, we should make a commitment to God, we are going to change the way we do things in our lives, it does not matter what personal problems we deal with. In Micah 7:5, it says, 'Trust not in a friend, put not confidence in a companion: keep the doors of your mouth from her that lies in your bosom.'   God wants us to trust Him, He does not want us being sick and putting all our faith in a man, because he is the ideal one we always dreamed of being with, possibly since our teen years.  A man may say sweet words to us, but when he shares those same sweet words to other women, we get hurt and it is time to stop the cycle.   

If you are a woman like Blair, you have an opportunity to be wise and no longer allow a man to take advantage of you.  Do you have health issues?   Maybe you think you are not as pretty as other women.    You must now make a wise decision to focus on God.  Many black women do not believe in God, because it seems like we are the race of ladies who have suffered the most within our American society.  However, God does exist and He is very real.   He is just waiting on black women of all ages to surrender their lives to Him.  Just because you are sick or may feel incomplete, it does not mean you are alone, God is with you.  Although, you cannot see Him, God is very real.   A lot of times, the struggles we had to endure as a child made us feel like He did not exist or if He did, possibly He may not have loved us.  God loves you so much, but He wants you to use your smarts He has given you.   It does not matter what man in your family has put you down and it does not matter if your boyfriend or husband has put you down, you must now make a choice to believe in God.   

How do you know God is real?   How do you know He will reveal Himself to you?   As black women you must learn how to pray, no matter how hard your life gets.  Learn how to pray and tell God how you feel about yourself and even the people around you.  You know, speak to Him like you know He is present and not far away, because He is near and He will be listening to every word you say.   Begin to schedule an appointment to pray once in the morning or even before you go to bed, if you have time three times a day for a good 20 minutes.   These days, we have modern day black women whom call themselves Christians do not believe in spending a certain amount of time on their knees, but sister, you can pray for as long as you want to and do not allow anyone to stop you.  They may say, 'it does not take all of that' or they may insinuate you do not need pray so long, but you pray according to how you feel God is leading you to pray.   Quickie prayers are not good enough for God to know you need Him.  You know, just like you felt you needed time with that 'pretty boy' and you always wanted him in your face, that's how you ought to act with God.  Therefore, pray everyday, even on the weekends and stay in the Word of God.  In God's Word, Psalms and Proverbs always has good things to feed your spirit.   If you want God to love you more than any man who has been in your life and trust Him to heal you of any emotional or physical problems, you need to allow Jesus to abide in you and be willing to remain in His Word.

As for Blair, we are going to keep her in our prayers and have faith God will give her a miracle and permanently remove the sickness.

Do you want to be saved?  Are you tired of trying to always find love in a man, but mistreats you?  Then, make a choice to serve God now while you have a chance.  God loves you and is very concerned about you.  Do not wait until after the video, rush to the Salvation page, then come back, afterwards.  God bless you dear sisters and do not stop serving Him, no matter how hard it gets.  God never said our Christian walk would be easy, Satan will always be angry, because we have chosen to be on the Lord's side.    If you are not saved and you desire for Jesus Christ to come into your life, we want to invite you to go straight to our page, now.  There, you will be led in a prayer and God will abide in you, if you allow Him to do so.

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