Friday, July 13, 2012

Three African-American former managers sue Wet Seal for alleged racial discrimination: Why does society continue to hate black women?

This is very sad, in the 21st century we are yet facing racial discrimination.  Here are two of the three black women who are suing Wet Seal, Inc. for favoring their white employees over them, Nicole Cogdell (left) and Myriam Saint-Hilaire (right).   As usual, this is another company denying racism and claiming they promote diversity in their campaigns, but that has nothing to do with what goes on in the stores and they certainly cannot claim they are always fair in their promotions.   Many of these white owned corporations most of the time make sure they get one black person to make it look as though they are not racist.  If you look at their below advertisement, there is a token (one black), we have seen this mess since the 20th century, nothing's changed.

One of the very reasons why we as black women are yet dealing with racial discrimination, is simply because the majority of the race has sold out.  For example, you can clearly see it, every time you see only one black.  Many African Americans have always thought they were fortunate to be the only black person, whether they worked various jobs, as models or even in movies.  Being a token, the only black chosen for a position has been the greatest enemy against us all.   Many African Americans never were strong enough to say 'no' to being a token, because maybe they either want to feel special than the rest of the rest or they want the money or both.   Possibly not this black lady in the above campaign, but there should have never ever been any such a thing as one black person filling a spot while all the rest are white people.   This sort of stuff creates trouble for other black people, in this case, black women.   Many black women may not think it is relevant, but it hurts when only one is used to show as though the company of any other organization is not racist.   Wet Seal is allegedly using the same ancient response of white people whom do not want to admit racial discrimination, using tokens.

There has been a responsibility for all black women to not only unite, but refuse to be the only one, unless another one is chosen for a campaign.   So as you can see, this company is very slick, they try to show this one black woman shown in their campaign among the three other white women, but allegedly have mistreated three black women in their store.  We can never get enough support from other black women to say, enough is enough.  Instead, many times, when we face these racist situations, we face it by ourselves.   This is why we are very surprised there are three black women sticking together to file this lawsuit against this company, because unity and support has been very absent among our race of women.

Ladies, let us assure you diversity has never helped us, it has only covered up the dirt of white supremacists, in most cases.   This is what we were trying to show you in our previous article, involving the California professor, Professor Marilyn Joshua Williams who has filed a lawsuit against CSUN (California State University of Northridge).  Although, California has a lot of diversity and bi-racial couples, whenever there is racial discrimination, many African Americans take sides against their own race on jobs and in some of the colleges.  A few of our journalists have seen and experienced it while living there.  Naturally, many African Americans are born to be slaves to white supremacists, although they witness the hurt of their to their own kind.  Many African Americans fell for the trick in California and other states to act as though all races are treated equally in the midst of diversity while watching their own race endure severe racism.   They accepted to act as though they are so united with other races, but when they witness such an ancient demon of racism, they remain quiet and so the ancient strategic game to use one person to cover up their dirt continues in the 21st century.

This is nothing new and what this company Wet Seal is doing is a game that has worked most of the time.  Hopefully, because there are three strong black women sticking together to testify against them, it won't work this time.

It does not surprise us that this company, Wet Seal is based in Foothill Ranch, California.

Three African-American former managers sue Wet Seal for favouring 'blonde hair and blue-eyed' workers

By Olivia Fleming
 Wet Seal Inc, a nationwide retailer selling apparel and accessories for young women, is being sued by three former employees accusing it of discriminating against black store managers, because they did not fit its 'brand image'.

A senior vice president of store operations allegedly emailed subordinates in March 2009 after visiting 20 stores in the Philadelphia area and Maryland, writing: 'Store teams - need diversity/African American dominate - huge issue.'

One plaintiff, Nicole Cogdell, claims she was fired from her job the day the email was sent...Read full article, here.

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