Thursday, July 12, 2012

Oprah’s father allegedly accused of threatening to kill wife, after his barbershop was sold to Oprah

In some divorce documents, it has been revealed Vernon Winfrey, Oprah's father tried to kill his soon to be ex-wife Barbara Winfrey.  We listened to the following video, which was released on a local Nashville television news station of Barbara Winfrey complaining that Oprah not only does not care about the community, but she has taken control over the Barbara Shop, she and Vernon purchased together.

The building of The Winfrey Shop was about to go into foreclosure, after they bought it one year ago, after moving from a previous location.  Barbara Winfrey claims she was about to close in on a deal with a bank to save the building until Oprah bought it, which has taken away ownership from she and Vernon.

In our opinion, Vernon possibly may want Oprah to have the building, in case something should happen to him.  After all, he is 80 years old.   It's just sad, how his wife seems to be left out of the deal, especially since they are legally splitting up.  However, there seems to had been alleged problems during the marriage before Oprah bought the Barbershop.

We just want to give you our opinion about Barbara's alleged statement about Oprah not caring about the community, there in Tennessee, she always seemed to not care about communities all over America since she has been a household name, we could be wrong.

We hope and pray everything works out for Barbara, Oprah and her father.   May God bless all three of them.

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Oprah’s Daddy Accused of Threatening to Kill His Wife

By Brittany M. Walker

Oprah Winfrey’s father is being accused of threatening to kill his wife.

Barbara Winfrey says Vernon Winfrey has been cheating throughout their 12-year marriage and has threatened to take his life, say divorce documents filed in Tennessee...Read full article, here.



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