Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kimberly Smedley earned at least $1.3 million Injecting Butt Injections: Black Women, Can We Become a Millionaire in a Legitimate Career?

Kimberly Smedley is facing up to 5 years in prison for doing illegal butt injections.  This is the followup to our previous article, regarding this woman.  Previously, it was alleged that she made several thousand of dollars.   Now, we learned from our source that Smedley earned at least 1.3 million doing these illegal procedures.   Smedley is among some other black women whom have been arrested for this same sort of crime.  Let us ask you this one question, can we as black women make that same sort of money being a professional entrepreneur?  Of course, it is very possible, but many of our sisters just have to change their mindset.

As black women, many of our sisters place themselves beneath other races of women and do not think they are as smart as them.   That same insecurity is passed on into many spirits of black women and we are often seen as though we have some sort of disability by other races, although they do it too.   Then we have some black women whom do not feel they lack the ability to become professional women, but they give up so easy, because they either do not know how to succeed or they allow their troubled environment to rule their thoughts.  We encourage you to ignore your surroundings and began to think positive.  Do not allow other races to label you according to the usual stereotypes among our race of women.  Also, do not become inspired by black women like Kimberly Smedley or the others we have mentioned in our previous articles whom died being high class escorts, strippers or selling drugs.   Think of yourself as an intelligent black woman, no matter how many times you have failed in life and no matter how old you are.    This is what believes about our sisters, we are not inferior, we are intelligent and we make our dreams happen, only if they are legitimate.

It is very sad, women like Smedley have chosen to break the law to make some money and even risk someone else life doing it.   You may think 1.3 million dollars sounds so good, but if you are doing wrong, it will only last for a little while.   All of that money was not earned making a decent living, it was earned similar to a prostitute or a drug dealer, illegally.   When you make that sort of illegal money, you are never happy, because deep down inside, you know you are wrong and can do much better.

We pray for Kimberly Smedley and hope she surrenders her soul to God, so she can be a better example to black women.   

As for you, maybe you feel discouraged and often thought about breaking the law.   You know you could do much better, but you just do not believe in yourself or have faith in God.   Therefore, if this is you, you need Jesus to come into your life.   Please do not hesitate, one day it maybe too late.  Please go straight to our Salvation page and give your heart to Jesus Christ, right now.  God bless you.

Beauty therapist, 45, who 'performed butt injections in hotel rooms with industrial silicone and sealed scars with superglue' made AT LEAST $1.3 million

By Daily Mail Reporter
An unlicensed cosmetic surgeon who pleaded guilty to administering industrial silicone buttock injections made at least $1.3 million from her nationwide practice, federal prosecutors believe.

Kimberly Smedley, 45, faces up to five years in prison for operating her illegal practice out of hotel rooms in Baltimore, Washington, Detroit, Philadelphia and New York.

Ahead of her sentencing on Thursday on a  federal conspiracy charge, prosecutors said a forensic accountant's review of Smedley's bank accounts found...Read full article, here.



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