Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Florida's lieutenant governor Jennifer Carroll says Black Women who are Lesbians Don't Look Like Her

On this article, we are going to dig in real deep, because we are dealing with a case where this Lt. Governor of Florida, Jennifer Carroll is claiming that black women whom are lesbian do not look like her.   First of all, that is very untrue, lesbians can be feminine or butch and those of us whom have been out in the world know the reality of it.  Jennifer Carroll's denial of being a lesbian was very offensive in our opinion, because if you are going to deny you are gay, do not ever say black women who do things like that do not look like yourself.  First of all, that's a spirit of pride, because one whom say something like that is putting certain black women down as though they are not good enough to be straight and if they they look hard and butch, they are the only ones lesbians.  We come to tell you, the Devil is a lie, lesbians come in all types, just like gay men.   We will dig a little more into Carroll's alleged statement on this following video clip that allegedly degrades some black women.

Let us assure you, some of the most active lesbians are those whom wear lipstick and dresses.   You don't have to wear a man's tie and suit to look like a lesbian.  The spirit of lesbianism is not necessarily what you wear, the main core of it is within the soul of any woman, whether she be black, white, Latino or Asian.  Does God want us to look and act feminine?  Yes, but all whom do are not straight women. Some of the most practicing lesbian women are those whom are married with children, not just the single ones.   You see, this is why a lot of black women are so bitter against others, simply because they cannot stand hypocrites.  It is not fair to say women whom indulge in homosexuality do not look like a conservative and feminine woman.  That is absolutely incorrect and the fact is, the married lesbians (to men) are the ones, most of the time, whom are down low and only married their spouses to hide who they really are is no different than down low men.  Now, let us deal with what she said about this single black woman who is an ordained minister, Carletha Cole.

First of all, it is a terrible thing that Lt. Governor not only put down some black women who do not look like her, but specifically she mentioned this woman who allegedly caught her in the act of lesbianism is the one that's single for many years.  That statement is very nasty and so untrue.  You can be single or married and involved with the same sex and it does not matter if you bore children.  Again, Jennifer Carroll is making distinctions and stereotypes among black women.  Just because a woman is single or never been married does not mean she is gay.  Carroll stated on this following video, 'I'm the one that's married for 29 years, the accuser is the one who has been single for a very long time.'  Do you see why we have so much division among our sisters?  Her words are unfair and it causes much strife among our sisters of all classes. Let us remind those married women whom make such a statement that many black women are single, because they choose to be, not because they are gay. There is a high percentage of single black women today, more than ever.  If you have an educated black woman whom makes such statements like this in the media, then we will always have division among us.  Therefore, Carroll's remarks were very offensive.  This ordained minister, Carletha Cole also passed a polygraph test, but in the state of Florida it cannot be used in court as evidence.

Sisters, we once heard of an actual story of a married couple whom were landlords over an apartment building.  She and her husband gave this lesbian couple a very hard time.   She discussed their sexuality and said negative things to tenants who lived in the complex and even told one of the lesbians it was wrong to be that way, but she and her husband belong to a Baptist church of a male pastor who was a homosexual and had several boyfriends of different ages. The landlord's husband even would leave out of the house, wearing her fluffy pink slippers while doing chores around the outside grounds of the property, this is a true story and happened in the late 90's.   Let us remind you that God rather us be cold or hot and not lukewarm as what He stated in Revelation 3:16.  He does not like it when some black women whom may be married point the finger at the ones whom are single and insinuate they must be gay or even if it was the other way around.   He would rather you be real and choose which master you are going to serve, God or the Devil.  The Bible also said, everything hidden will come to light.  Therefore Carroll could be just mad, because she got caught in the act, allegedly.   Polygraphs may not be allowed in court in a lot a states, but at least it proves Minister Carletha Cole was telling the truth.

In the meantime, we will pray for Minister Carletha Cole and even Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll and the core of this situation is this, God knows which woman is deceptive.

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Source, Video and Photo Courtesy: http://www.wtsp.com


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