Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ethelda Burke, Tukwila School District Superintendent, Resigns: Black Women Aren't You tired of this ancient issue?

Ethelda Burke, a former superintendent for Tukwila School District has resigned.   If you are a regular reader of, you will recall a previous article we did about several African Americans complaining about her racist remarks.   This is nothing new, ignorant black people have always offended their own race making racial remarks as though they are not black. 

One of our journalists of AT2W, told us about a personal experience that occurred in an alleged racist town, Stockton California.   As we have told you before, many blacks whom live in California seem to be very weak and will not offend one when they see they are facing racial discrimination.   Instead, they rise up against them andif they defend themselves they label them as militant to their face. This is not just an issue in Stockton, but other similar actual situations have happened in Sacramento (not far from Stockton), Los Angeles and even in Oakland, California.   Anyway, one day this woman was sitting on a lawn in a Stockton city park and a black guy walked past with his white girlfriend and blurted out with a glare of hate, 'she is so dark,' and he was just as dark or even darker.  This ignorance just did not happen in Tacoma Washington with Ethelda Burke discriminating against her own kind, it has happened around the country for many years, every since we were children.   When you were a child, many of you, probably remember discrimination on the playground, black children did not play with you, because you had dark skin and they're skin was just as dark as yours or darker.   Then, you had to grow up and face that same racism, but from white people whom disliked you because you are black.  Let us a assure you, the Devil has not only used white supremacists to harass us as black women, but he also has used our very own race to oppress us and make us feel inferior.

Sisters, we are indeed in a spiritual warfare and as you can see, racism has not ceased among us, but it remains, simply because of ignorant people like Ethelda Burke.   Black women, black men and black kids carry that demon of racism against their own kind throughout their lifetime, in this case, Ethelda is in her 60's, which is very sad at her age, she caused others whom looked like herself to feel inferior.  It is such a shame, she oppressed these grown people with prejudice, harsh words, they probably already dealt with when they were younger. Elthelda Burke's actions were very immature, although she is in her 60's.  If you noticed, she just did not humiliate dark skinned African Americans, but she also humiliated light skinned black men and black women.  So this is a demonic cycle, Satan created for all those whom are not children of God to be a part of.  This sort of foolishness causes many of us to divide and this is why there is no unity among our race of people.   Blacks are yet killing each other, not just with a gun or a knife, but with words.   Don't you think it is time, we all recognize God created us much stronger than these sort of cruel people?  He wants us to separate from such ignorant people, forgive and pray for them, but have nothing to do with them, because they are unknowingly a part of Satan's plan to make us hate ourselves and if you hang around that sort of ignorance long enough, you will become just like them.  He also wants us to accept the scripture in Ephesians 6:12 that says,  'For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.'  Ethelda Burke is nothing but flesh and blood, just like white supremacists whom have played games to divide us since slavery, putting light skin slaves in the big house and dark skin slaves in the fields.   Burke's assignment to oppress us was to speak evil words to add to what began in our American history during the era of slavery.

As black women, God wants us to focus on Him, although we realize some black people will never change.  They will go through life accepting Satan's assignment to help white supremacists make us feel inferior.   If this is you, you have brought down your race because of a skin shade, you need to repent and ask God to save you.  You make think you are already saved, but you're not saved if you speak words to hurt people.   You are the very black person whom will quickly complain if a white person discriminates against you because you are black, but you can't stand your own kind.   Repent, thus saith the Lord, you are under an ancient curse.   Satan has controlled you to cause oppression within the race of African Americans.  If you are not saved, you have a chance to be, so we invite you to go straight to our Salvation page and ask God to come into your life.  Do not continue to be a worker for the Devil like Burke's, but choose to serve God.   The Bible says in Joshua 24:15, 'Choose ye this day whom you will serve.'  You cannot serve the Lord and be a worker the Devil.

Maybe you are not like Ethelda Burke, but you feel like God does not love you, because your own race has brought you down so low, along with white supremacists.  You are bitter and think God did not make you beautiful.  You need God to help you change your thoughts. Once you accept Jesus Christ into your life, He will make you realize how beautiful you are.   Please go straight to our Salvation page now, if you want God to save you.

Ethelda Burke, Tukwila School District Superintendent, Resigns From Post Amid Investigation Into Racial Discrimination Complaints

Longtime Washington school administrator Ethelda Burke has resigned from her post as Tukwila School District Superintendent due to an ongoing investigation into race discrimination complaints against her, the News Tribune reports.

Nine district employees have alleged that 66-year-old Burke made racially...Read full article, here. 



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