Monday, July 9, 2012

Drunken mother arrested after Leaving 11-month-old Baby On Top Of Car and Driving Off: What Is Going On With Some Black Women?

This case involving a mother, Myia Natrice Cole who left her baby on top of the car, then drove off drunk just does not make sense to us.  We ask you, what is going on with some black women these days?   Are they so in love with alcohol or cocaine, they would forget all about their child on top of a car?  Maybe you do not believe it, but Cole really left her baby boy, Clyde Jackson Jr. strapped in a car seat face down in the middle of the street.  A can of soda or maybe a bag of food is one thing, but to leave your baby on top of a car and drive off, is very insane, in our opinion. 

Many times, we defend black women, but when it comes to ignorant stories such as this one, we tell it like it is, because we feel they should know better.   This woman does not need any children and should have put him up for adoption as soon as she bore him.

Do you see this baby?   Just look at those eyes.  How could any mother be so controlled by alcohol and forget such an adorable child is on top of the car and just-drive off?   Clyde Jackson, Jr. is blessed to yet be alive, although he had to be treated for dehydration after being in the heat for so long.  This child is a miracle and deserves to be raised by a mother who is not on alcohol or drugs and will keep him close to her.

We want to encourage all black women make a commitment to change your minds and spirits.  Do not allow alcohol substance to control you.   As you can see, when you are high on drugs or alcohol, you lose yourself and do not think and act right.   So why waste your money on something that is damaging your brain?   Not just as black women, but as children of God, love yourself enough to avoid getting high off of something that is to toxic so your system, it makes you forget about your kids.  

Sisters, if you have been using alcohol, driving under the influence or using drugs, you need to think about what is good for you and your children.  We cannot continue to be a part of a race that is always complaining about racial discrimination, but will not love our own children enough to stay away from what is going to kill us.   Abusive men are not the only problem, it is also self-destruction within the minds and spirits of many black women.  Self-destruction means you are willingly doing things to abuse yourself and have no consideration for those being affected closest to you.  When you are an alcoholic or drug attic, then you may not be able to remember anything such as in this case with Cole and her baby boy.   

If you are tired of being hooked on drugs and alcohol and you need God to come into your life, then we want to point you to Jesus.  However, you must be willing to surrender your all to Him.  Just because something feels good, it does not mean, it is good for you.   There are many black women who get high or drunk who feel as though they are experiencing the greatest thrill, when it fact, they are experiencing a slow death.   Is this you?   Are you slowly killing yourself, but you feel good every time you get high or drunk?   If you answered yes, you need Jesus and you need Him to abide inside of you on a daily basis.  Be ready to give up all sin, no matter what it is and be willing to give up your addiction.  Remember, you can't do it all by yourself, you must depend on God to help you be willing to give it up for Him.   Sisters, love God so much, you will not allow your addiction to block you from getting to know Him.  God is better than alcohol or any drug, you need to try Him.   If you are ready for Jesus Christ to save you and set you totally free, then go straight to our Salvation page, now.   God really loves you and is waiting on you to surrender your soul to Him.

Drunken mother arrested after 11-month-old baby she reported missing is found lying face down in street because she'd 'driven off with car seat on roof'

By Emine Sinmaz

 A drunken mother was arrested after police found her 11-month-old baby lying facing down in the middle of an Oklahoma street, still strapped inside a car seat.

Myia Natrice Cole, 30, and Clyde Jackson, the child’s parents, reported the baby boy missing at around 9.30pm on Saturday.

When officers paid a visit to their home...Read full article, here.
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