Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dr. Juanita Bynum Tell Atlanta's V-103 She's Been a Lesbian in Interview

Juanita Bynum Admits She's Been Lesbian on Interview
(Photo: V 103)

Dr. Juanita Bynum Tell Atlanta's V-103  She's Been a Lesbian in Interview

Juanita Bynum had an interview with Frank and Wanda on Atlanta's V-103 last week. She shared her testimony of being on drugs and also admitted that she has been with men and women... while using drugs from the past.
Reports have already been circulating about rumors that she was a lesbian which have been around for years. In Bishop Thomas Week III's book' What Love Taught Me, he revealed that she had orgies with women, but we were not sure if he was saying this out of spite due to the public spectacle they both made of themselves in the domestic abuse case years ago.
Juanita Bynum tells V-103:
“I’ve been there and I’ve done it all,” Bynum confided. “I’ve [done] the drugs. I’ve been with men. I’ve been with women. It’s not a line, it’s my life!”

Read full article HERE at AT2W


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