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Dallas Cowboy Dez Bryant assaulted his mother: When Black Women are abused by their grown sons

Angela Bryant is the mother of famous Dallas Cowboy's football player, Dez Bryant.  She called police, because her own son allegedly assaulted her.  On this following video, you will hear her exclaim, she is going to put an end to his alleged assault.  That statement alone sounds like he possibly hits her all the time.  Of course, we do not know for sure, but why would she say she is going to put an end to it, twice?   You read between the lines and figure it out.  However, we would like to discuss an issue that black families do not like to talk about and that is when grown sons abuse their Moms, there is possibly an old buried issue we do not know about.  Dez Bryant assaulting his mother is not the first time we have heard something like this happen.  One of our journalists of AT2W told us of a story that she witnessed when she was a girl.  A mother was crying outside of a KFC when a teenage son was abusively talking loud to his mother.  This has been going on for many years and may explain why there is so much division between black men and black women today.  Keep reading and you will understand why we say so.

Ladies, every time we face a black man's glare in public for no reason, it could be buried hatred against his mother.  You figure, if a man cannot love and respect his own mother, it is very impossible for him to love and respect you.  For example, the same hatred we as black women experience when we stare into the glaring eyes of an angry black man holding onto his white woman could express he hates the womb that carried him.  Although, the wombs of many black women bore strong and healthy sons, many of them grew up to automatically hate us.  It is not normal for any son to grab his mother's T-shirt, rip her bra, grab her by her hair, then hit her across the face with his cap.  According to the following video, that's what allegedly happened over the weekend between Dez Bryant and his mother, Angela.  Just think about that behavior, we as black women suffer for the possible hatred some black men have toward their mother.   For an example, there was a story of a woman who went on a job interview while homeless years ago.  When she went into the office for an interview, the supervisor sat her down along with another young man.  The story is, when she sat down she met face to face with a very angry man whom glared at her during the entire interview.  She received the pain from a young man whom was born just like her, from the womb of a black woman.   At that time, there was a spirit of prejudice spreading within the souls black men she never felt before in the San Francisco Bay Area.  You see ladies, spirits transfer quickly and whatever animosity some black men feel toward their mothers, is possibly why they are not with us today and it hurts.  Is it fair for us to have to deal with their resentment and we do not even know them in most cases?  No, absolutely not, but this is the psychology of why many black men are turned off by us, they do not have good relationships with their mothers.   The ones whom are attracted to us may seem to like us a lot, but we often have to be on guard, because we do not know if we will endure his bitterness he may have for his mother.   Therefore, in order for this sort of black man to feel complete and be connected with you, he will have to make peace with his mother, love and respect her.   Even if his mother has passed on, he will have to release the bitterness in his heart and can only do it through God.

Mothers, this message is for you.   If your son is abusive toward you, love him, but do not deal with it.   Your son must be willing to love and respect you, because many times if this occurs, this spirit could be traveling from his father's spirit into his soul to attack you.   This is if you did not have a good relationship with his father, which is most likely the case.  Many times, this could be why some females do not feel like they have a chance for a relationship with a man, because they are yet dealing with the same hatred from their son's father through their son.   That is a demon, so you must rebuke it.   If your son is not willing to sit and listen to what you have to say in a respectful manner, he must be dismissed from your life, because your bore him and it is because of God through you, he has life.   God does not expect for you to continue to have communication with your son any longer, once he puts his hands on you.  Sister, you must get your life together and care about yourself enough to dismiss that old demon that possibly transferred from his father's spirit.  Leave the past behind and before you part ways with your son, inform him to surrender His soul to Christ.

Dear sisters, we pray this article has been a blessing to you and has given you some precise direction in your life, if you have been enduring the same conflict with your son as Angela Bryant.  Now, we want to pray with you, because often times, when you raise your son(s) without a man in your life, it can be very difficult.  The root of the problem in your son's life, is possibly he has not given his soul to Christ, but you have to make sure you are saved too.   So, are you save? If not, after this prayer, go straight to our Salvation page and accept Him into your life.   God cannot change your son, unless you allow Him to change you, first.  Even if your son never changes, at least you can say, you are serving the Lord and the problem is now in God's hands.   

So now dear sister, let us pray:
Dear heavenly Father, we thank you for this time we are sharing with you.  We humbly are coming to you now dear Lord, asking you to heal the mind and soul of this woman's son.   She is dealing with a spirit of rebellion and it has been so unfair for her to deal with it, after his father has walked off and left her.   Father, we humbly ask you to step in right now to change this son's life.   Change him into a righteous man and when you change him, we ask you to give him a mind to love and respect his mother.   Do not allow her to endure her son's abuse any longer.  You were there when she carried him for 9 months, you were in that hospital room when she was in labor and you were there when he came into the world.   God, we rebuke this demonic spirit that has taken over this son's life to combat his mother, right now.   We rebuke his rebellious spirit.  Spirit of rebellion, go back to the lake where you came from, in the mighty precious name of Jesus and we give you the glory.  Amen.

Now, sister do you believe the Lord has heard your prayer?   If so, please make sure you go to our Salvation page and accept the Lord into your life.  God has got great things in store for you, but He wants you to surrender your all to Him.  Also, your life is not over, after you have raised your son (or even your daughter).  He has given you life to enjoy it, so do not let anyone take that away, not even your son.   God loves you so much and don't you forget it. 

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