Monday, July 23, 2012

Colorado Massacre Killer James Holmes Made Racial Remarks, Lil Wayne: What does it matter, since Lil' Wayne made alleged racist remarks about dark skinned black women?

What we do not comprehend is why there are still some blacks who get angry when a white person makes racist remarks about a person like Lil Wayne whom made alleged racist remarks about dark skinned black women and even his own daughter?  This prejudice has been within the black race for many decades and this includes even some dark skinned black women, even dark like Lil' Wayne, for some crazy reason they get all offended if a white supremacist can't stand them because they are black, but they resent dark-skinned women.

You know, we know God is just shaking his head, every time this occurs, because while some black people are being offended over racial discrimination, they yet have not learned how to love who they are.  While this ancient ignorance of shade issues among black people continues, many souls are yet in bondage on their way to hell, every second.  Every time Satan gets a soul of the black race into his eternal place of torment, he is satisfied because they fell for the old trick to always focus on racial discrimination while not searching their souls that possibly resented God's creation of dark pigment or any other sort of color or shade.

We sure don't have much to say about this one, because if it is true that Lil' Wayne discriminated against his own daughter, including black women who is dark-skinned like himself, no wonder this mass killer, James Holmes said things about him, you reap what you sow.  According to and other online black news outlets, we know you may recall Lil' Wayne's alleged statement: “MY daughter is the first and last dark skin child im having, the rest of my baby moms light skin chicks i even got an asian baby moms to make sure i have a daughter with good hair, too bad we had a son...not everybody hate dark skin girls Young Money just allergic to Chocolate...'  This is why many black people are yet complaining racial discrimination, because they don't like themselves and each other.   Why be upset about what the mass killer, James Holmes said about Lil' Wayne?

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