Monday, July 9, 2012

Brooklyn Woman Kills Son With Hammer Before Trying Kill Herself: Why Would any Black Woman Harm Their Child Before Wanting to Die?

After reading this entire story, we honestly do not feel this woman wanted to commit suicide.  We just feel she is an alleged con artist trying to get out of what she had done to her son.   According to, Tenika Revell is an ex-con who has been arrested about 33 times and an alleged prostitute, so obviously she lived a hard life and one night decided to take her frustration out on her son.  We cannot understand why any black woman would hurt their son our daughter they carried for 9 months and then decide to kill herself.  Like previous stories we have heard this seems like a case that reveals a mother just trying to avoid jail time and wanting the authorities to feel sorry for her.   Suicide is a serious subject and some black women take advantage of it, after doing their dirt.

We are living in a time when many black mothers among other races of women lack morals and values, because they do not want to serve God.   This 40-year-old woman knew exactly what she was doing in our opinion and may not have had any remorse for taking her son's life.   For this reason, if you are so cold to take a hammer and beat your son in the head with it, then claim you wanted to commit suicide, but are yet alive when the police comes to your door, no doubt, you are a cold-blooded person.  This seems as though she could have planned your child's death ahead of time.   This story is very sad and this young boy obviously did not have a mother to care about him.  He could have grown up to be a doctor, lawyer or a judge, this is a very terrible case.   

Furthermore, we disagree with the neighbors whom allegedly stated she had cancer and depression could have caused her to commit this crime, but she was still alive when the police showed up.   They also claimed she loved her son.  Really?   As black women we should have so much love for our children, if we feel depressed for any reason, it would be wise to check ourselves into a psychiatric ward until we are better. 

May this young boy rest in peace.

Epitome Of A Bad Mother: Brooklyn Woman Murks 9-Year-Old Son With A Hammer Before Trying To Commit Suicide

A Brooklyn woman took a hammer to her kid’s dome this weekend with fatal results.

A suspected hooker who appeared to dote on her 9-year-old son suddenly snapped and bashed the boy’s head with a hammer, police sources said.

The unthinkable crime Friday night was the city’s third child murder in as many days.

Ex-con Tenika Revell, 40, called 911 just before 11 p.m., police said. She coldly told the operator that she killed her child and had taken pills to try to end her own life, police said.

Cops rushed to her Brooklyn apartment and found...Read full article, here.

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