Monday, July 16, 2012

Brooklyn Mother Who Beat Son With Hammer Tried to also Electrocute and Smother Him: When Black Women Crack Up, They Must Pray

This is an update from our previous article, regarding this Brooklyn mother, Tenika Revell who murdered her son who neighbors called 'Little B.'   The boyfriend of this mother in the above photo claims she is dying of terminal cancer and did not want anyone to care for him when he died.  If that is so true, why did she allegedly go and ask her family to raise him and then when they said no, she turned to a church who also allegedly turned her away?   We do not know if she is telling the truth, because they boyfriend allegedly claims she refused to put her son on the phone, because he was sleeping, when he really was dead.   

Alleged reports confirm that Tenika Revell tried to smother her own son with a bag, then electrocute him.   This is insane and does not seem like the actions of a person in their right mind.   This woman was controlled demonic forces.   If she tried to go to the church, we wish she could have asked for prayer for not only healing in her body, but also in her mind.   No sane mother would harm her son and make an excuse that she's dying and does not want anyone to care for him, which is what she allegedly told her boyfriend.   Remember, we told you hell is in the bowels of the earth, so if a person is not controlled by God, then he or she is controlled by the Devil and his demons.   This woman had to reject God too many times before she was turned over into the hands of the enemy to do harm to her innocent 7-year-old boy.  If Tenika really desired for someone to help her, she would have taken her son to the adoption agency, after being rejected by the church and family.  However, this woman is an ex-con and was arrested about 33 times for prostitution and possibly other crimes.   So, how can anyone believe her story?

This news regarding Tenika Revell is very sad, think about all of the stories we are hearing in the 21st century within a society that has hardly any morals and values.  Think about the history of our fore-mothers whom faced discrimination, scrubbed floors and escaped slavery.  Could our fore-mothers ever imagine some black women as they are today, murderers of their own children?  If they are not being killed by their boyfriends and husbands, some of them are being used by satanic forces to take the lives of their own innocent children.   We really think in many cases these black women have cracked up.

Sisters, are you in a state of mind to where you feel driven by an unseen force to commit evil on your child?   If so, we plead with you to seek God.  Surrender your life to Him and allow Jesus to help you.   You must first admit you need God's help.  You see, it made no sense for this mother to claim she was looking for someone to raise her son while claiming to be ill.   Tenika Revell did not need anyone to raise him, if she would have sought God to heal her soul and mind.   This is what we are saying to you right now, when you feel confused, telling people different stories as though you care about your child, but deep within you want to kill him or her, you need Jesus and you need Him to come into your life, real quick.    We certainly encourage you to seek professional help at a psychiatric ward, but while doing so, call on God to deliver you, because if you have a similar spirit to this woman who killed her son, you need salvation.   Do you want to be saved?   Do you desire for God to come into your life and set you free from the demon of murder?  If you are physically sick, Jesus can also heal you, but it is according to your faith and after you have accepted God first into your life.   If this is you, please go straight to our Salvation page, nobody has to know who you are and you do not have to be ashamed when you go to Christ.   Jesus will accept you, just as you are.

May Bernard, 'Little B' rest in peace.  In the meantime, we pray for Tenika Revell to fully surrender her life to Jesus Christ and repent before it is everlasting too late.

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