Monday, July 9, 2012

Black Women Forgive Yourself: Toni Medrano burns herself to death, after suffocating her baby to death being drunk on vodka

Toni Annette Medrano obviously could not live with herself, after she accidentally suffocated her baby to death.   As usual, Nancy Grace revealed the facts, but in this case showed how many drinks the mother had drunken when she fell asleep on top of her child, 17 drinks.   Medrano did not even realize her baby was dead when she was talking with all five of her children while sitting on the couch. when they prepared for school   Before she burned herself to death, Toni had been sentenced two counts of second-degree manslaughter. If convicted, she was going to spend 10 years in prison.

Did Toni Medrano make a foolish mistake?  Of course, it was very dumb and she knew it by the time she realized her baby was dead.  However, there was nothing she or her husband could do to bring him back to life, obviously he had been dead for hours.   After this child was dead and she learned her fate, suicidal thoughts began to set in and she could no longer take it.   All because she realized there was nothing else she could do to change things.  So, she burned herself alive in her backyard.  

These days, more black women than Medrano are doing a lot of foolish things as a mother.   If you recall, we just did a recent article about a Tulsa mother, another black woman who was drunk and reported her baby missing to the police.   Guess where the child was?  She had left it on top of the car and the baby had fell face down in the middle of the street.   Therefore, we are living in an era when many black women have allowed substance abuse to control them so much, they cannot even think straight.

As black women, please do not let this happen to you.   Although Toni Annette Medrano was wrong for what she had done to her newborn, we wish there was some way she could have forgiven herself.  You see, this is the most important point we are trying to get to, you have to forgive yourself, if no one else forgives you.   Of course, Toni Medrano had already had been forewarned not to sleep with her baby, then the previous convictions of driving under the influence could have been more warnings for her to stop drinking so much.   However, for the rest of you who have babies, we beg you to please seek help to give up alcohol or drug use.   If this is the way it is leaving many black women, after they drink it, then there is no reason for any of you to continue drinking alcohol or even getting high off of drug use.

Of course, people will always bring up your foolish mistakes.  In this case, this story was shown on Nancy Grace, but God expected Toni Medrano to forgive herself and seek spiritual guidance.  It maybe very difficult to forgive yourself, but you have to do it to keep your sanity and most of all, God expects you to do.   Sisters, we do not care how bad it is, always forgive yourself and seek help.  Many times, it is the closest ones to you who will bring up your mistakes, but if you walk with God, He will be closer to you than them. 

Are you in the position like Toni Medrano.  Maybe your situation is not so bad, but it pays for you to totally surrender your life to God and allow him to deliver you.   If you have an alcohol or drug addiction, God can deliver you from it.  All you have to is to be willing to give it up, including all sins.   Are you saved?  If you would like for Jesus Christ to abide in you, then we would like to invite you to go straight to our Salvation page and allow Him to set you free.

May Toni Medrano and her baby rest in peace.

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'Vodka mom' who suffocated three-week-old baby after rolling onto him as they slept burns herself to death after weeks of condemnation

A mother who became known as 'Vodka mom' after passing out drunk and rolling onto her three-day-old son, suffocating him, has burned herself to death after weeks of condemnation.

Toni Annette Medrano, 29, became the subject of hate after Nancy Grace decried the mother's carelessness on her cable television talk show last month.

She died of injuries after using a flammable liquid to set herself on fire in the backyard...Read full article, here.

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