Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Black Women Choose Your Own Age: Girls' high school basketball coach, 25, charged with having sex with underage team member

Although, we do not agree with homosexuality, we feel if you have to sleep with the same sex, at least get someone your own age.  It seems like the more we are hearing stories about various teachers sexually molesting their students, we are also hearing alleged accusations against grown women whom have had sexual relationships with their female students and in this case, a basketball coach, Marquita Adley  We as black women have came such a long way, what would possess any grown woman to desire to molest a young girl?   Good black mothers do not raise their daughters to become lesbians, but many of them have positive dreams for the their future and it is not God's will for any grown woman whom is a lesbian to mess that up.

Sisters, those of us whom are having a close relationship with Jesus Christ must continue to fast and pray against the enemy, because Satan desires to turn our girls out when they are young and innocent.  These days, it is no longer just grown men whom are seeking to molest our daughters, but also some lesbian women with the spirit of perversion.   God desires for us to rise up as a new generation of black women who will not allow these women like former coach, Marquita Adley to do their assignments for the Devil.   We must take authority over any demonic spirits that are trying to control the minds of our daughters and sons.   God gave us our children to be decent, not to be mingling with what the majority chooses to do and then turn them out before they know what life is all about.   

Mothers, we plead with you to stay close to your girls, maybe you cannot understand everything they are doing these days, but you cannot allow them to be controlled by teachers or coaches whom do not have their best interest in mind.  You know, there are many manipulative adults whom purposely work as teachers and coaches, to see how many young girls and boys they can molest and it is not fair to any of us parents.   We must now unite as virtuous women and learn how to listen to our children, so they can trust us if some adult with a dirty mind should try to seduce them.   If our girls and boys are close to us, they will know not to trust any other adult or even allow them to take away their innocence through sexual perverted acts.  Please take heed black women, because if your girls are molested by any grown woman or man, they become bitter in life and may lose spiritual direction.  This is why it is so very important for you to let your child know, that you love them and if they wish to speak with you about any teacher or coach (or any other adult) who has tried to sexually molest them, you will be their for them.

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Girls' high school basketball coach and former star, 25, charged with having sex with member of her team

By Emma Reynolds
 The successful coach of a girls' high school basketball team has been charged with three counts of sexual battery on a minor. Marquita Adley, 25, was accused of having sex with a member of her travel team and was arrested yesterday...Read full article, here. Source: Source:


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