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Baby sitter charged with felony child abuse of 3-year-old boy: Is This Black Woman Guilty or the Parents?

The parents, including this babysitter, 24-year-old Zakiyyah Williams in the above photo were all arrested for the alleged abuse of a 3-year-old boy.   This young woman's sisters spoke out on the news in defense of their sister, claiming she is innocent.   We wonder if it is possible that the father or mother did this to the child and they used the babysitter to cover up their dirt?  You know, people are so dirty these days and anything is possible.   One thing is for sure, no one knows Williams like her sisters and most importantly God knows her best and He knows who did harm to this child.

Not all babysitters are bad, so we need to think about this case very carefully, because people lie all the time.   Is this a case that involves an abusive father or mother who did not want to pay for what they done to their own child?   Then, in all fairness, we ask you this question, is it possible Zakiyyah Williams is really guilty of abusing this child?  
Now that the parents have now been released and Williams is still in custody, we think the prosecuting attorney needs to look at all of the facts, because this could be a case where the babysitter was set-up.  When we think about this case, it is very sad if Zakiyyah was set-up or even if she is guilty, both ways are really sad.   However, this poor child was physically abused by someone and it is so important they find out who is actually responsible.

As black women of all ages, we face a lot of insanity in this world.   The reason why we are concerned if Zakiyyah is guilty or not, is because she is still young and the parents of this kid could be very shrewd.   It would be
so unfair for this young black woman to serve time for something she did not do.  In this wicked society, we have some really conniving people who do not have any conscious about trying to find a way to get out of their own mess.  Therefore, we are very concerned about this young woman and of course, the child.   If this child does have some vicious parents, what will happen to him, once he gets better and is released from the hospital?  Will he face something, he should have been saved from, when the parents were first in custody?

If Zakiyyah is an abusive young woman, then she could be just another cruel black woman who has no conscious, but we really feel this case is very strange and investigators need to dig a little deeper and find out the facts.

Sisters, although we question if Williams is really guilty, there are other cases that involve some actual abusive babysitters.   Didn't you read our previous article about the babysitter who killed the little toddler and stuffed him in her hallway closet?   Also, there was another case on TV One's 'Find Our Missing' that involved a boyfriend who was watching his girlfriend's child and he left him outside of a store and the little boy was nowhere to be found when they went searching for him.  Therefore, you need to be very careful of whom you allow to watch your kids, you do not know what they may do.

We pray for this little boy and pray God watches over him while he is in the hospital.  In the future, when he is released, we also pray for God's protection over his life.  Thirdly, we pray for God to reveal who is guilty for abusing him.

If you need Jesus to come into your life, please go to our Salvation page and invite Jesus Christ to be the ruler of your life.  Whether you are single, married, widow or divorce, Jesus wants to set you totally free from sin.  Please give your life to Him, before it is everlasting too late.    Stay strong in the Lord, Sisters. 

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Baby sitter charged with felony child abuse of 3-year-old boy

Laura Anthony

Prosecutors have dropped charges against two of three defendants in the abuse of a 3-year-old Oakland boy. 

The baby sitter, 24-year-old Zakiyyah Williams, called 911 Monday morning from an apartment saying she found the boy alone and unresponsive in the bathtub.

Police originally arrested the boy's parents...Read full article, here.

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