Thursday, July 5, 2012

Another Black Woman Dies in Murder-Suicide: Man takes own life after shooting ex-girlfriend

This is another story involving a black woman, Shawanda Spratling who dies in a murder-suicide.   As we always forewarn you dear sisters, be extremely careful of who you get involved with, because you never know what insane spirits you may have to deal with, later on.  Spratling was first forewarned by her father to leave Larry Crawford (b. photo) alone, because he seemed strange, in his own words.   Many black women do not even have a father to forewarn them, but Shawanda did and for some reason, she was allegedly meeting up with Crawford as a friend, after they had previously broken up.   Shawanda meeting up with her ex-boyfriend was without her father's knowledge, according to the following video clip.

As you know, yesterday we gave you another story, involving another black woman in Brooklyn who was killed by her boyfriend and previous stories before that one.   This is sad to admit, but it seems like if not everyday, murder-suicide is happening every week.   We do not just give you these stories for information, but we want you to learn something from them, because it seems like if many black women are not dying of AIDS and other health-related issues, they are dying from murder-suicides.   Ladies, this needs to come to an end and we are trying to get all of you sisters to realize you must get to close to God, so when you do come in contact with a man who desires to date you, you will most definitely have that discerning spirit to walk away.  Of course, we are not saying Shawanda Spratling was not a Christian, but we are trying to help those of you whom are yet a live.   As a Christian, you must be willing to totally surrender your life to Christ and walk close with Him on a daily basis.   The spirit of murder just does not come through those whom hate you because you are black, but it also comes through our very own race of black people.   Many black women do not like to admit it, but that is a known fact.   Therefore, you must learn to be cautious of whom you date and even whom you allow to be your friend.   It is very annoying when we hear civil rights activists complain about how some black people are afraid of one another, but it is not so much that we are afraid, but we are listening to the voice of God to get out of the way just in time from being another victim of murder.

Sisters, just look at that man, Larry Crawford in the above picture.  Can't you tell something is wrong?  He does not look right, does he?  As black women who have a close relationship with God, you must learn how to look into the eyes of a man whom desires you.  If you do not think you have the gift of discernment, then you must pray for it.  The gift to discern things, is being able to observe the spirit of any man, woman, boy or girl and it comes from God.   However, many of you sisters are not saved and you must accept Jesus Christ into your life in order to be blessed to discern evil spirits.   If you are not blessed to have a father like Shawanda Spratling to forewarn you if a man is troubled, then you need Jesus to be your father, because there are some good black men, but they are some very troubled ones.  They maybe troubled because they simply are not a child of God.   So, make sure the man is saved and you can tell by the way He lives his life, not just by him claiming to be a Christian.  You must be friends first and take your friendship very slow, this way you will be able to remain distant, if you sense he is not good man to be in your life.   Many of you black women feel as though no one loves you some of you will just date a man, because he is paying you some attention, do not waste your time.   Learn how to stay busy and find something you like to do.   If you feel you have a lack love in your life, find a way to give love to somebody else, even if you have to buy a puppy, because dogs are the type of animals that will love you, unconditionally.   You do not need a man in your life, if you feel he is going to kill you, it is best to be by yourself and learn how to allow Jesus Christ to be your companion.

You see, loneliness is a spirit and many of you are suffering from loneliness.   You think your life will be complete if you just get a man to spend some time with you.  You maybe the type of black woman who is afraid to be single and never be able to get married or you maybe the type of black woman who just feels you need to have sex all the time.  For whatever reason, you will not be complete unless you allow the Lord Jesus Christ to come into your life.   God wants you to wait on Him and be able to know who will be the right man for you to spend the rest of your life with.   So, please take heed now, before you die before your time.   

Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?   If not, Jesus will love you and never harm you and He wants to make you feel complete.   He will be the caring father, brother or man you never had in your life.   If you want to love Jesus and yearn His love in return, then please go to our Salvation page and let Him into your life.  God bless you, dear sisters.

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Fox 2 News Headlines

Family: Man takes own life after shooting ex-girlfriend

DETROIT (WJBK) - Police believe a man who shot and killed his ex-girlfriend took his own life following a police chase that ended on Detroit's west side.

Family members tell FOX 2's Andrea Isom that 35-year-old Larry Crawford fatally shot...Read full article, here.

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