Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2 adults, 7-year-old boy found shot to death in murder-suicide at Brooklyn apartment: What happens when black women breaks it off with a violent man?

Neighbors of David Sherrod, 44, and Alma Cox, 51, did not know they were dead until days after an alleged murder-suicide.  Sherrod was an ex-con who allegedly shot his wife and grandson.  Friends and co-workers of Cox, said she was previously complaining about Sherrod abusing her and had plans to leave him.   Sherrod was an ex-con who obviously thought he had it real good with an older woman who possibly did everything for him and when she told him goodbye, he killed her, her grandson and then himself.   

Many black women are in threatening relationships with men and please do not get it twisted and think that there are always black men whom are possessive of their wives and girlfriends, but we learned there are also black women whom are involved with white or Latino men whom also are very possessive of them.   Let us assure you, there are options when making a mistake, after being involved with a violent man of any race, you just have to seek God and pray to get out.   We are not saying Alma Cox was not a born again Christian, but we are trying to help those of you whom feel trapped in a very dangerous relationship.   In case you have been wondering what happens to a lot of black women whom desire to leave an abusive man, in many cases it is a death trap, simply because possibly the relationship was built off of lust and not love.   When a man desires for you to have intercourse with him around the clock and will not let you out of his sight, it could be a clear sign your relationship does not have a foundation of love, but the demon of lust is controlling the atmosphere.   You have to make sure that your life is based on complete spiritual principles and your man knows it, because if you should decide to leave him, his insanity will not control him to commit murder, but God will intervene on your behalf.

Are you saved?   Do you know the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?   If you are in a very dangerous relationship, you do not have to be afraid, if you want to leave him, all you have to do is seek God to take control of your life.   Sisters, if you need Jesus Christ to be the ruler of your life, please go straight to our Salvation page, now.  God loves you and desires to set you totally free, we are praying for you. 

May God rests the souls of Alma Cox and her grandson and we pray for God's mercy on David Sherrod's soul. 

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2 adults, 7-year-old boy found shot to death in bloodbath at Brooklyn apartment

Cops believe carnage was double murder, suicide

A violent ex-con turned his Brooklyn apartment into a bloodbath, fatally shooting his wife and her 7-year-old grandson before committing suicide, cops said Tuesday.

David Sherrod, 44, shot spouse Alma Cox and her beloved grandson, Jaquan Cox, in the head. Then he took the .357 caliber revolver and blew himself away inside the Bedford-Stuyvesant home, police said.

Police found the three bodies at 11:50 p.m. Monday while investigating...Read full article, here.


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