Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Woman allegedly tries to sell baby on Craigslist: Black Women Learn To Place Your Child Up for Adoption For Someone to Love Your Baby

Remember this, no recession or having a lack of income could ever be a reason for giving up a child you carried for 9 months, then endured painful labor.   We do not think all of our sisters would do a thing like this, but if we are not hearing about mothers abusing and killing their children, then they are giving them away, most of the time.   We as black women of all ages should ask God to anoint how we think.   If you have children, ask yourself, 'would I want my mother to give me away on Craigslist or any other way?'   This Dallas woman, Britany Hill was trying to sell her  four-month-old child for $6,500.  We do not care if it was for a million or one billion dollars, it is extremely wrong to sell your baby and it is against the law.

You could be a mother on crack and you cannot afford to supplement your crack habit or you possibly cannot afford to survive and take care of your children, but it is not your child's fault, because you are the adult. When God blesses you to have a child, you should have enough money to take care of him or her.  When we watched this following video, we could not understand why if Britany wanted to give her child away, she just did not think about taking her baby to an adoption agency.   There are too many black women hurting their children, all sorts of ways and it is not fair when they suffer and sometimes die, all because of lack of consideration from their mothers or fathers. Children are God's gift to the world and they do not deserved to be neglected, rejected or even abused by their own mothers or anyone else.

We just want to spread the word to all of you black women whom are having unprotected sex, if you are not ready to have children, then make a wise decision and become celibate, meaning do not have intercourse until you are married.   One of the main reasons why we have so many problems dealing specifically with black women whom bore children and then abuse them, is simply because they do not prepare themselves to give birth.   In order to give birth properly, a woman must evaluate if she is in the right position in her life to bore children.  It is not a good thing to just have sex because it feels good, but it is so much better to have intercourse with a man you fall in love with, after marriage.   These are the sort of principles we as saved women must talk about when we witness to our sisters.   Let them know, it is so very important to first give their lives over to Jesus Christ, but after doing so, they must learn how not to have sex before marriage.  If they are not born again Christians, then the least they could do is to make sure they do not give birth.  Many children suffer because of their mother's personal struggles, because their births were not planned while in matrimony.   As black women, we must first love God, then make a wise decision to serve Him and obey His commandments.  Then, if we wait on God for the right man, then children will not have to suffer and you will not even think about selling your own child for money.   Salvation is the key to making the right decisions in your life and it will also make a better life for your children you bring into the world.  

Are you having a difficult time raising your children?   Did you bore your children without waiting on God?   If you answered yes to both questions, then you must make a decision if you want God to come into your life and help you make better decisions.   You need God to help you and you cannot do it alone.   Maybe you did not wait on God and the children are here, but you are a single mother and you can hardly take care of yourself.   If this is the case, please think about giving your life to Jesus Christ.  After you give your life to Jesus Christ, then pray on a daily basis and ask Him to guide you on how to take care of your children.  Trust God to help you make the right decisions in your life.   However, you may not do everything right, after accepting Jesus Christ, but realize you are only human and you will make mistakes.  Your walk with Christ is a process.   However, when you have Jesus Christ in your life, you will learn how to love your children and you will not ever think it is okay to harm or give them away to strangers.  Please go to our Salvation page and accept Jesus in your life, right now.  God bless you dear sisters.

Police name woman in alleged baby-selling scheme  

DALLAS — There is new information in the case of a woman accused of trying to sell her baby boy.

The classified ad posted online several weeks ago offered a four-month-old child for $6,500. Police have identified...Read full article, here.

Source and Video: WFAA.com


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