Saturday, June 23, 2012

Why are a lot of black women raising gays sons?

One of the main reasons why a lot of black women have been raising gay sons for many years, is simply because some of them are infatuated with having gay men as their close friends.   During the era of the 1970's until now, we did a study and noticed many women having a mutual spiritual connection with gay men in their households, even the married ones. Although, many of them claimed they did not agree with homosexuality, they spent much of their time with gay black men.  For many years, some black women have enjoyed the company of gay men, whether if it were making friends with them, dating them or even enjoying their effeminate family members.  The spirits of these specific black women are not uplifted unless they are in the presence of gay men whom are snapping their fingers, shaking their hips and cracking jokes.   This spiritual imbalance has ruined the minds of many young black boys whom grow up in that sort of environment, because they are hardly in the presence of masculine men.  Therefore, these mothers could be responsible for their sons growing up feeling as though they are gay.

Now, as we look around today, it seems as though we are living on a strange land.  Now that we have a black (bi-racial) president who supports gay marriage, it seems as though many African Americans, both men and women have rushed to join his agenda and for many black women whom have been seeking a good black man, it seems like there is no chance.   However, you must think about the root of this spiritual problem, the Devil began long ago using some black mothers whom did not feel complete unless they were in the presence of gay and effeminate black men.   We can describe the spirits of these specific types of black women and they may not be very kind to their own daughters.  These are the type of women whom they may call, 'fag-hags', the ones whom avoid having female friends, but prefer to have gay male friends and mostly support their interests and even desire to have them as their boyfriends.   They do not support the emotional pain of women and will resent her if she speaks up against a gay man whom may offend her, which has weakened and divided the race of black women over the years. They will bring another black woman down to make a gay black man happy, even if it that black woman's brother.   Back in the 1980's and 90's, we can recall these sort of women complaining on previous televised talk shows about catching their husband in bed with their gay friend and acted as they did not understand how an affair could have ever happened between the two of them.  This spiritual warfare, regarding the division between black men yearning homosexuality, instead of only being married to his wife began long before President Obama announced his support for gay agenda.   Also, we did another study and noticed these type of women hate lesbians but love and adore gay men, which is possibly because they are down low women or have obscure lustful desires to try homosexuality themselves.  Because of these particular black women, we began to see young black boys growing up, infatuated to be around their mother's gay male friends and even gay effeminate relatives.   Then, eventually, their sons came out of the closet as bold and very sassy gay men.   These certain black women formed the minds and spirits of their sons when they were very young.  They yearned to be in the environment of effeminate spirits of the gay men they idolized in adored in their lives and so their sons had that same desire.  To be honest this sort of demonic spirit that has used these huge circle of black women has also used some white women whom have raised their sons in that same sort of homosexual environment, simply because they too, yearn to be entertained by the alleged demon of effeminacy.  However, we will remain on this problematic issue that has destroyed the masculinity of black men who should have never became a homosexual.   

Many times, single black mothers have sought the help of gay men to raise their sons.   There have been actual cases that involved down low gay pastors and flamboyant choir directors whom were mentors to young boys and eventually, they molested them.   Some of these mothers seemed as though they were desperate for a man to give their fatherless sons advice, when really the man may have been down low and even claimed to hate homosexuality.  This is what allegedly happened in the case of Bishop Eddie Long, the victims claimed they did not have their fathers around and so Long was like a father-figure.   Sadly, there are so many other cases like the previous sex scandal involving Bishop Eddie Long and his alleged victims.   Many black gay men grow up and admit how they were molested, but very few will admit their mother was to blame for trusting them in the accompany of grown men whom were possibly down low or even out of the closet as homosexuals.

When we look around in our universe, we ought not to hear and see so many gay black men of all ages, but if we can identify the root of the problem and change it, then it will die.  This is a demonic spirit and in the Bible it just does not say that God opposes homosexuality, but it also mentioned God does not even want us to be infatuated with homosexuality.  In 1 Tim 1:10, it says: 'For whoremongers, for them that defile themselves with mankind (sodomites), for menstealers, for liars, for perjured persons, and if there be any other thing that is contrary to sound doctrine.'
Now, we can understand why He told us not to do so, simply because if your sons or daughters are growing up around what their mothers enjoy, then those same spirits will entice them to follow.  Because we are souls, we have to be careful whom we allow around us and even our children.   Therefore, much of the responsibility came from what parents allowed in their presence, whether the alleged demonic spirit came into the house or they were enticed by it outside of the house, for instance: church, choir rehearsal, beauty salon, fashion show, etc. 

Sisters, this is why it is so very important for us to remain holy, because when we carry our children in our wombs, our unborn babies will become what is inside of our souls and so, it is the same even after they are born.  You have to be extremely careful whom you associate with or you allow to associate with you and your children, especially during a time when so many African Americans (and other races) are coming out of the closet as homosexuals.   Decide if you are going to remain saved and filled with the spirit and remain holy in everything you do.  Let your young sons see you socializing with spirit-filled masculine men and we are not just talking about those that lift weights to build their muscles, because a lot of times, many of them could be down low, but we are talking about the spirit of men.  Let your young sons be in an atmosphere where there are some spirit-filled men whom are masculine with in their souls.  Do not even associate with other black women whom glorify and idolize homosexuality.   Even church women have a very bad habit of choosing wrong friends, so you must continue to pray and ask God to send you some spirit-filled female friends whom avoid homosexuality or any other sin. Shield and protect your spirit from this alleged ancient demon that has not only ruined our sons, but also our daughters.   Create an atmosphere in your household that is completely holy and righteous, even if it means loving your effeminate and butch relatives at a distance.   Pray for them, but protect your family from people dominating the atmosphere around you, your children and the man you love, your fiancee or husband.  

Ladies, you do not have to raise gay sons.   In the 21st century, it is time for black women to remain holy, so their sons and daughters can also be holy and righteous.   God blessed you to be a mother, so you must uphold the complete standard of holiness.   In 1Peter 1:16, it says, 'Because it is written, You will be holy; for I am holy.'  Then in Proverbs 22:6, the Bible says: 'Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.'

If you know you have been mingling with the spirit of homosexuality and it may have caused your sons or daughters to feel they are gay, then you must repent.  If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, we invite you to go directly to our Salvation page and allow Him into your life.  Maybe you have already accepted Him, but you need guidance on living holy, then we invite you to go directly to our videos page at Sanctified Church Revolution to learn how to be a righteous woman of God.



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