Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update: Dr. Andrew Chung admits he spoke with starved teen's mom, Ebony Berry

This is an update, regarding the Georgia mother, Ebony Berry who starved her daughter to death.   Now, we have discovered she was following the instruction of an Atlanta graduate of Emory University, Dr. Andrew Chung.  Dr. Chung is a licensed cardiologist who admits he knew Ebony, but not her deceased child, Markea Blakely-Berry.   He claims he did not teach starvation, although he wrote a book called, 'Be Hungry', which seems really twisted to us.  Another strange tale, he allegedly claims, Ebony Berry did not properly follow his instruction, although he admitted to telling her being hungry is wonderful, according to our source.   His philosophy teaches people to eat no more than 2 pounds of food per day. Although, Berry is being charged with murder, Dr. Chung is now under investigation for being the possible cause of the child's death.

Ebony Berry is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  She had already been charged with child abuse about a dozen times there, allegedly Berry was accused of soaking her young son in freezing water and then, her beating her child, Markea with the high heel of a shoe.  After the last complaint she moved to Georgia with her children.   Her family spoke about the alleged complaints on this following video.

Before you watch this following news clip, involving the case of Ebony starving her disabled daughter to death, we want to encourage all of our dear sisters to love your children.  Do not place them in freezing or scalding hot water and do not even beat them.   Your children are a part of you and God gave you such a wonderful blessing every time you bore each one of them.  We also would like to encourage you to not seek advice from anyone whom teaches philosophies that would harm yourself or your children.   Starvation is never the solution for dieting in our opinion.   God created natural food and He would rather you eat enough fruits and vegetables, instead of eating a limit amount of food, which may eventually kill you.

May this beautiful black queen, Markea Blakley Berry forever rest in the loving arms of Jesus Christ. God bless her soul.

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'Hungry' doctor knew starved teen's mom

Police: Markea Blakely-Berry was starved to death

By Leon Hendrix

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) - Family members of a Grand Rapids teen who starved to death in the Atlanta area over the weekend are concerned that the teachings of a Georgia cardiologist may have played a role in her mother's decision to starve her to death.

Markea Blakely-Berry died at her home in Cobb County, Georgia over the weekend. Investigators have arrested her mother Ebony Berry, 38, and charged her...Read full article, here.

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