Monday, June 4, 2012

Soldier Brandy Fonteneaux Stabbed 74 Times In Own Barracks: Black Women You Need God To Protect You From Insane Individuals Even In The Military

This sad story should bring you to tears, but whether you are entering the military or not, it should remind you how important it is to accept Jesus Christ into your life.  We are not saying that this soldier, Brandy Fonteneaux did not know the Lord, but God promised He would protect us from evil.  We do not ever mean to judge anyone, but we must remind you of God's protection in His Word for all whom serve Him.  In Psalm 91, the Word of God says: 'No evil shall befall you, nor shall any plague come near your dwelling.'  In Psalm 121:7, the Bible also says this: 'The LORD shall preserve thee from all evil: he shall preserve thy soul.'   We are promised of God's protection from evil doers, but we must serve Him.  

Brandy's fellow soldier says he was not in his right mind when he entered her unlock door.  One question, how did he know her door was unlock, if he was so insane?   We feel he knew what he was doing, although he is hoping to avoid jail time by claiming insanity.   Army Sgt. Vincinte Jackson should not plead insanity, because he took this young woman's life when she was asleep in her own room.  He must have been in Brandy Fonteneaux's room enough times to know, she did not lock her door on a regular basis, so this is why his insanity plea is ridiculous.   Furthermore, there is a great possibility they had a previous relationship or he wanted a relationship, she refused to have with him.  There is something more to this story, we will never hear from either side, but one thing is for sure, Sgt. Vincinte Jackson was not insane when he killed this young lady.  If he was psychotic, he should have never entered the military in our opinion.

We plead with you black women to please accept Christ in your life, because you do not have to be in the military to be attacked by a vicious man or a woman.   Satan will use anyone whom refuses to accept Christ in his or her life to take another innocent person's life.   You must ask God to protect you where-ever you are in the day time or even at night while you are asleep, because you never know when Satan and his demons desire to take cut off your life.   God love you and desires for you to enjoy your life.   Again, we are not saying this young soldier, Brandy Fonteneaux did not know Christ, but we encourage you to get to know Him, because He promised His protection from the enemy.   You would think she would have been protected while not in combat out of the country, but even soldiers around her could have been her enemies.   It is never safe around anyone whom does not know Christ as their personal Savior.  It does not matter if they are white, black, Latino or Asian, Satan will work through them to try and take your life, even they are not serving God.   Remember the scripture that says in John 10:10:  'The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.' 

If you do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, you can get to know Him by visiting our Salvation page.   God bless you and remain strong in Christ.

May Brandy Fonteneaux rest in peace and we pray her killer repents.

Watch Video

HOUSTON (FOX 26) - Seventy-four stab wounds: those are some of the injuries inflicted on a female soldier from Houston, in her own barracks.

The new information comes as her alleged murderer, a fellow soldier, is claiming he suffered from temporary insanity.

"I had to know. I had to see just what this man did to my daughter," said Verona Fonteneaux.

Her daughter, 28-year old Army Specialist Brandy Fonteneaux, was stabbed and choked in her room at Fort Carson in Colorado on January 8.

Plenty of moms would leave it at that. But Verona Fonteneaux needed to know. Everything.

So she sat down alone. Read the autopsy report. Watched the video of her daughter's...Read full article, here.

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