Saturday, June 30, 2012

Houston Woman Creates Successful Business for Natural Hair Trend

We would like for you to see how popular natural hair has become among black women.  These black women are learning that it is time to be natural, who God created them to be without shame.   It is so beautiful to see these black women showing themselves natural without chemically straight hair.  They have learned the secret of being beautiful and that is simply being natural.

  As black women we need to watch more inspiring mentors like the creator of Uncle Funky's Daughter.  Tanya Reed created a product for black women whom enjoying natural hair with no regrets and she has made a fortune doing it.   After being laid off from her job, she has been blessed to become a successful entrepreneur who is not just known in Houston, but all over the world.

More and more black women are joining the trend of wearing natural hair, not just because it is growing more popular, but because being natural is good for your hair and also for your self-esteem. 

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Businesses booming from natural hair trend

 By Tom Zizka, Business Reporter 


Whether you call it a trend or a new reality, the amount of African Americans turning toward a more natural look, for their hair, is on the rise.   

While there are those who choose to chemically straighten their hair...Read full article, here.

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