Thursday, June 21, 2012

HIV for Black Women Doubles in Washington D. C. Since 2008: Black Women Must Fully Surrender to God

Sisters, we are living in an evil time while witnessing many black women being followers of society and believers of man-made opinions, but not obedient to God's Word.   It is time for us to draw near to Jesus Christ and not backslide.   If you notice, this news of HIV doubling in D. C., is an alert for all black women in America, not just there. You would think HIV would have declined by now for most black women, but it seems as though God is trying to get the attention of our sisters.   No matter if they say it is not a disease caused by God's wrath, God still allowing it for some reason and it is time to wake up and seek Him.  Satan created the disease just like any other sickness, but God allows illness to get the attention of humanity.  Therefore, because this disease seems to be attacking more black women than anyone else, you must seek God and live for Him, only on His terms. 

You may wonder why God is allowing black women to catch it more than any race and the rate is allegedly much higher than black men?  It is simply because many black women are chosen by God for righteousness, but many of them refuse to completely surrender their souls to God.  Instead, they choose to follow the wicked ways of our society.  For example, if the majority of society is saying it is okay to be gay, then we have began to see an increase of lesbian couples marrying and following what they see other black women do and they think it is the right thing to do since a lot of black men are not attracted to them.   Another example, if the majority of society is saying it is okay for black women to have babies out of wedlock, many of them have chosen to have babies and make the excuse that they cannot find a husband, so they may sleep with a married man or any man, available.   Another example, if some black women are agreeing with Monique and Sidney, Will and Jada to allow open marriage and even are condoning open relationships and swinging with all sorts of couples in their own lives, then some of them excuse their behavior with the belief, it is a good way to keep a man.  Ladies, if you are guilty, you are going to have to start changing the way you think and began making decisions strictly based on God's Word, not based on liberal society that condones sin as being right.   We are not saying all black women have been guilty of this, but many of them reveal they have agreed with sin in their lives when we listen to them talk on radio or televised talk shows.  Today's American society seems to be swaying away from righteousness and this is a big sign, God does not want black women to be a part of it.  Just because we have a black (bi-racial) president whom agrees with gay marriage, you do not have to agree with it, because it has been so difficult to find a a good-looking black man to love you or even treat you right like other races of women.   The more we hear of HIV statistics doubling up on our sisters in D. C. or any where else, it should let you know, none of us should risk losing our souls to be followers of what is sinfully popular in our society.
Sisters, Satan has a plan to take us all out, it is time to get serious with God.  Yes, this news about HIV being the highest for African American women  always have been scary, but there is a spiritual answer to the problem.  God expects black women to no longer be controlled by lust.   You may think, 'well other people are doing it...white women are doing it..., but we are not them, we are chosen by God and He designed us to be different, to be holy and strictly follow His Word, not the evil ways within this society.  It maybe very difficult to find a good black man and maybe you do not want to date outside of your race, because you are not attracted to them, that is very understandable; however, on God's terms you do not have the right to sleep around and have unprotected sex neither do you have a right to date the same sex.  The only choice you have is to be pure and holy and wait on God for the right man whom is holy and righteous to come into your life.   Do not commit fornication and have unprotected sex, just because you have been wanting to bore children or finally settle down with a husband.   For whatever reason you maybe having unprotected sex, whether it be with a man or woman, God is not pleased with sin.  

Now, we acknowledge there are cases that involves black women whom are HIV positive, because they caught it from their cheating husband, they were not committing fornication or sleeping with multiple partners.  You are yet supposed to live for God and have faith to live.   Possibly, your children caught the disease when they were born, because their father, your husband infected you with the virus.  God still loves you and can work a miracle in your life, but you must also remain distant from this sinful society and give your life to Jesus Christ.   If you feel you have received a death sentence when the doctor informed you and you think God may not love you, simply because you feel you have been living a righteous life as a wife, it does not mean God does not love you.  Many times, God may allow you to endure such trials, simply because He wants you to trust Him and then win many lost souls whom may also be infected with the virus into His Kingdom. These lost souls may have given up on their lives and just waiting to die and God is just allowing you to trust Him for healing to give them a testimony.  Furthermore, you are not responsible for your husband's promiscuous behavior, but you must forgive Him, pray and ask God to lead and guide you, during your possible separation.

HIV/AIDS is very real, but God is still real and has all power over your life.   He even has the power to heal you, but you must believe and accept Him into your life.  No matter how you were infected with the disease, God is waiting for you to pray and humble yourself before the almighty throne of God.   God's Kingdom is open for you to receive Jesus Christ as your personal Savior, but you must agree to no longer follow the evil ways of our society and only submit to His will and His way.   Just because a lot black people may have opposed the Word of God by committing fornication or homosexuality, you do not have to agree with it.   Therefore, you must now make a decision to serve the Lord Jesus Christ before it is everlasting too late.   Like we mentioned before, you may have done nothing wrong to be infected with HIV, but your cheating husband gave it to you and your children, God still wants you to repent for anything else in your life and fully surrender your soul to Him.   If this is you, please go to our salvation page and give your soul to Jesus Christ and allow Him to abide in of you on a daily basis.  God bless.

HIV crisis hitting women in Washington DC; Infection rate among poor African-American women has doubled since 2008

There’s a female health crisis brewing in our nation’s capital.

The HIV infection rate among poor African-American women in Washington DC has doubled, from 6.3% in 2008 to 12.1%, according the city's Department of Health data.

While the stunning jump in numbers is likely attibutable to wider testing in DC’s most needy neighborhoods, HIV rates in heterosexual black women, a high-risk group...Read full article, here.


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