Sunday, June 10, 2012

Greta Hawkins Banned God Bless America Song from New York kindergarten's graduation ceremony: What Is Wrong with Certain Black Women of this Era?

We deeply feel within our spirits many black women will lose their souls, if they do not surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ.   School principle, Greta Hawkins is among many stories we have heard that dishonor this country's history of patriotism.   Hawkins, a Jehovah witness is no different than atheists who do not want Christians to be able to pledge to the American flag, pray in schools read Bibles at schools or on the jobs or even wear crosses on school campuses.   Her authority to stop kindergarteners from singing God bless America is very annoying to us as born again believers.  According to Mail Online, she allegedly stated says the song could ‘offend other cultures’ and are ‘too grown-up’ for five-year-olds.

Her negative reaction for these young children to celebrate American history seems to be in rebellion against God, simply because
'God bless America' is an historical song that has always brought unity among all races, in the name of God. Although, this country has not been perfect, we have been much blessed compared to other nations.  The song is simply requesting for God to bless America, because this country needs to become better, we need more love, joy and peace among all races.   Greta Hawkins is a pure example of various black women and black men whom have allegedly caused destruction not only within the black community, but also in this entire country, because of their ungodly beliefs.   It is so very clear that white supremacists are not the only ones responsible for destroying the unity within America, it is also some black people whom have no respect for God nor this country.   We cannot ever expect for many black women to be respected by black men unless they can respect God and have the decency to respect America.   It would be very wise for Greta Hawkins and others like her to seek God and repent before it is everlasting too late, because God has always blessed America and even did more to free our ancestors who were delivered from slavery.   Too many black people of this era whom feel they have arrived have chosen to serve other gods, false doctrines and religions, the more America has became diverse.  What they do not realize is that each and every one of us will be judged how we lived our lives and we will reap the consequences if we have chosen to believe man-made philosophies over God's Word.  We can enjoy diversity among various cultures, but we are not supposed to forget God or what He has done for us as black women.   Many times, our sisters complain about how black men mistreat us, but they cannot expect for black men to respect them, if they disrespect God and have no respect for freedom of religion and celebration of patriotism in this country.  It is time for all black women to seek God and fully surrender their lives to Him.  Yes, diversity is good, but not when those like Greta Hawkins cares more about diverse cultural beliefs that excludes our pride and unity as Americans under God.

We pray Greta Hawkins repents and completely surrenders to God and also others whom do not honor our historical patriotic song,
'God Bless America.'  She needs to realize if young children are not allowed to sing the song or become involved with patriotic activities, then they may become a rebellious generation as they grow older.

God Bless the USA BANNED from New York kindergarten's graduation ceremony to avoid upsetting 'cultural sensitivities'

By Laura Cox

A New York principle has sparked fury among parents, students and teachers after banning a patriotic song from being sung at graduation. 

Kindergartners at PS 90, the Edna Cohen School in Coney Island will not be allowed to sing ‘God Bless the USA’ at their moving-up ceremony because principle Greta Hawkins has decided it is inappropriate.

The lyrics, she says could ‘offend other cultures’ and are ‘too grown-up’ for five-year-olds.

Controversially, Hawkins is allowing alternatives...Read full article, here.

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