Sunday, June 17, 2012

Black Women, Please Don't Starve Your Daughters: Woman arrested after child found dead at Smyrna home

These days we are hearing a lot of news, regarding either black mothers killing their daughters or daughters killing their mothers.   We even feel hatred if we are in the presence of various black women we may not know at school, work or church.   There is so much evil within many souls of  black women of all ages, you do not have to be related to them to feel threatened.  We who have accepted Jesus Christ as our personal Savior recognize Satan forces trying to constantly create strife among us and we must take power against the enemy by making a change.   How is it, in the 21st century, yesterday we released a story involving a daughter killing her mother and today, it is the other way around?   The woman in the above photo, Ebony Berry, starved her daughter to death is not the first story we have revealed to you.  Previously you read another story involving a mother who allegedly did the same thing to her four-year-old daughter.   Precious sisters, these are satanic forces that continues to cause so much hatred among us and it is time for a whole new generation of black women to seek God more than ever before.


The reason why we created this blog, Souls of Black Women, is simply because we wanted to create more love, joy and peace through Jesus Christ among us, but we must tell the truth and cannot sugar coat any words we speak.   We seriously feel as children of God, we must now defeat the enemy that has caused so much hatred and division among black women.  For too long, we have recognize the hypocrisy among our race of women.   We went through previous decades of hearing many black women complaining about the irresponsible black man, but then some of them were the very ones breaking up marriages and relationships for potential marriages.   Now, it is time for us to admit the root of hatred and to no longer place all the blame on black men.   The time has come for us to also realize we can no longer just see racial discrimination as the problem.  The time has come for us to now show love to our sisters, but to no longer deal with conflict and make sure we are living holy for Jesus Christ and to rebuke the enemy that has used many black women to either kill their mother, kill their daughter or even close friend.  

It has been said that Ebony Berry starved her 16-year-old daughter to death, but the other two younger children were not skinny like her deceased daughter.  So, this brings us to a very important question, why would she allegedly do something like this?   Next question, why are there some mothers whom will allow some of their children to suffer and not be cruel to the other ones?   It is so plain and simple, this sort of mess took place back in the 1970's and 80's and probably even before those two decades, many mothers saw the fathers in the spirits of their children they abused.   The same type of stuff is going on today, many children are suffering, because they naturally look and/or act like their fathers whom most likely emotionally or physically hurt the mother very bad.   Whatever happened in the mother's past is certainly not the child's fault.  So, we wonder, when will it ever be a time when those particular mothers will no longer see their child as the man they once were in a relationship with?   When will these mothers look at the child for whom she or he is and no longer think about how their father mistreated them?   Now, this could not be the case with Ebony and her daughter she starved to death, but we assume so, because she mistreated her as though she had a different father and the other children did not starve.  There are many previous cases involving some mothers whom have mistreated a child, but favored her others, it has happened for many years and many black women do not want to talk about it.  They would just rather live with this evil resentment that has ruin the lives of many daughters with the black race.   If it was not the past with the child's father that caused this mother, Ebony Berry to starve her child to death, then for what reason?   For whatever reason, no sort of hatred is excusable and it is time for mothers within the black race whom are guilty of this sort of crime to repent and show more love to your daughter by treating her equal to your other children and making sure she is well fed.


We pray for Ebony Berry and hopes she surrenders her soul to Jesus Christ, but she will also need psychiatric treatment during her time in prison.  May her daughter rest in peace in a better place where she is no longer starved and that's heaven.

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Woman arrested after child found dead at Smyrna home

 COBB COUNTY, Ga. - Police arrested a 38-year-old woman after finding a child dead inside a home in Smyrna on Friday.

According to Cobb County police, investigators responding to a 911 call found the body of a young teenage girl. Authorities said an investigation revealed that the child was severely malnourished and neglected.

Police arrested Ebony Berry and charged her with murder and first degree cruelty...Read full article, here.


Source and Photo Courtesy: Souls of Black Women



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