Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Black Women Please Don't Do This: How Could Kenisha Pruitt Allegedly Freeze Her Baby To Death?

What has become of a lot of black women whom murder their babies and children all sorts of ways?  This case involving this mother, Kenisha Pruitt and father, Antonio Cervantes (Latino) who allegedly froze their baby to death makes us wonder why certain cruel mothers or fathers do not just consider adoption.   There are too many women whom have not been blessed to bore children to result to such evil.  Yes, we see that this young black women is very young, but the saying is true, if you were old enough to conceive the child, then you are old enough to take responsibility for raising the child, if not, then it is so easy to put the baby up for adoption, not result to murder.

It is bad enough, we heard of previous cases that involved black mothers whom left their babies in the garbage or even in a suitcase on the street, some were found alive and some dead.   We must put an end to this cruelty that occurs in the hearts of alleged wicked black women.   Children have no choice to be born, why take their life away, instead of giving the gift of life to someone whom can raise the child and give him or her love as they grow up to be healthy people?   Yes, this baby's soul is now with the Lord, but think about how God feels about these sort of situations, it definitely hurts Him.  You know if it hurts for Him to know women get abortions, it must also hurt him that they conceive, then kill their babies after they are born, it is all murder.

Black women, the choices you make in life are very important to God, it does not matter what age you are.  If you feel you are too young or just cannot take care of the child, you must be wise and turn to God.   To freeze a baby to death or even murder the child is never an option, but you must seek God and ask Him to help you love the child He gave you.   It does not matter if your boyfriend or husband tells you to murder the child, you must love the baby God gave to you, so much to give him or her a chance to enjoy life.   For example, if your boyfriend told you to kill your child, you have to admit he does not love you, right?   Even if he decided to kill your child, whether he helped you to conceive the baby or not, he still does not love you.  Therefore, you must recognize real love through Jesus Christ, which brings us to this point.   If you do not know, Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and want to Him to be in your life, you must go directly to our Salvation page.   There, you will be guided how to accept Jesus Christ into your life.   God bless you, dear sisters and please continue living for Jesus Christ.

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Kenisha Pruitt's, Antonio Cervantes' Baby Found Strangled In Freezer

TOLEDO, Ohio -- An Ohio coroner says a newborn found dead in an apartment freezer had been strangled and dunked in water.

The ruling released Tuesday also says a man and woman charged in the infant's death were the mother and father of the child.

A landlord found the baby boy's body in April while cleaning out a rental property in...Read full article, here.



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