Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Black Women Please Don't Abandon Your Children: Nude Mom ate ice cream at drug store after leaving children alone in wrecked car

Sisters, we cannot understand why this 34-year-old Mom, Stephanie Dilliard could leave her three young children in a wreck while she goes and eat ice cream at a drug store.   This news is embarrassing to the entire race of black women, except for those of us whom are children of God.  We are not a part of a race of women whom would neglect their children.   What sort of mother would leave her children in a wrecked car, in the midst of a busy intersection and then strip off her clothes in a drug store while eating ice cream?   This should show you how so many black women are either cracking up or are on crack.   We must be on a mission to lead these lost souls to Jesus Christ, so innocent children will no longer be neglected, rejected and abused.

There used to be a time when black women would love their children so much, they would not leave them alone for any reason, especially in a car wreck.  Back in the previous years of the 20th century, mothers within the black community would even watch out for other children whom were not their own.   They took care of their neighbor's kids like their own children and it was not any conflict if they would discipline or correct them, but these days many black women will neglect their children and do not want any other mother within the community to care for them.   In the 20th century, black mothers were more in unity and their children became close friends.  Most definitely, it was a different era, but we need to return back to those days, because we are living in a time when a mother will go buy ice cream, strip naked and then allegedly fight with police on their arrival in the store, which gives us a clear message that we are in trouble.   However, returning back to more love among us and teaching our children to do the same thing is going to take a lot of witnessing within our neighborhoods.   It is not enough to just invite unsaved black women to church, but those of us who are born again Christians must approach them with love, give them a tract and a New Testament Bible and tell them about the love of Jesus Christ.   If they do not know Jesus Christ loves them, then how will they love themselves and show love to their children?   In this case, we can assume Stephanie Dilliard does not even care about herself, because if she did, she would not allowed strangers to see her naked body.  We need to let these lost souls know Jesus not only loves them, but we must encourage and show them how to love and respect themselves.   Ladies, let us go back to morals and values based on God's Word, then uncaring mothers like Stephanie Dilliard can see the light of Jesus Christ.   They need to admire a change among black women, in order to change their careless ways.

What Stephanie Dilliard did what uncalled for, but we are living in a very evil day.  People of all races have turned against God and no telling what we may hear about in the media.   We must speak out against indecent exposure, child abuse, child neglect and drug use, but include biblical principles when doing so.    If we do not include biblical scriptures, then we will never see a change that will spiritually empower black women.  God must always be the center of our discussion when witnessing or ministering to lost souls.  For this reason, only Jesus Christ can save lost souls, we cannot do it.  He only wants us to reach the lost for Him and He will save them, if they accept Him.

Dear sisters, if you are unsaved, do not love and respect yourself, you need Jesus Christ to come into your life.  If you do not love and respect yourself, you will never love and respect your children.  Will you allow God to lead and guide you?   You may not see Him, but you can sure feel Him.   You must be willing to turn your back on sin, if you desire for your children to grow up to love and respect you as their mother.   Allow God into your life, no matter who you are or where you live.   Maybe you live in the projects and cannot do any better?  Possibly, you have been on welfare and cannot find a job to support yourself and your children?  Possibly, you got fired, because you did not want to be mistreated on the job and cannot find work, so you began robbing stores and snatching things that did not belong to you?  God wants to change your life, it does not matter if you are 26 or 56, you are never to old or too young to accept Jesus Christ as your personal Savior.   Allow Jesus to come into your life and save you from doing things that are not pleasing in his eyes and may be a disgrace to yourself.   Furthermore, do not allow the lies about God being a white man's god to confuse you, do not get it twisted, God is not a white god for one race, but He is a Spirit who will deliver all races from sin and shame.   Come to Jesus right now before you lose your soul to eternal hell.   Do you need Him?   Yes?   Then, we invite you to directly go to our Salvation page and fully surrender yourself to Christ and He will save and deliver you from your sins, no matter what they are.   God bless and remain strong in Him.

Naked mom found eating ice cream at drug store after leaving her three INJURED children alone in wrecked car

By Snejana Farberov

A mother of three was found naked and eating ice cream inside a Houston pharmacy after leaving her children unattended in a car following an accident.

According to police, Stephanie Dillard, aged 34, had her three kids ages five, 12 and 16 in the car when she collided with a city bus near South Post Oak Road and Orem Drive last...Read full article, here.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
Photo Courtesy: KPRC


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