Friday, June 15, 2012

Black Women Don't Hurt Your Mothers: Woman accused of murdering mother after eviction

This is a very sad story that involves a daughter, Takeyia Guthridge who murdered her dear mother, Delois Adu, because she was not only being evicted, but her mother also denied her money when she requested it.   Something is for sure, if Adu no longer wanted her daughter in the house, there was definitely extreme conflict and obviously she got tired of dealing with it.  According to a friend and neighbor of the deceased victim, Guthridge would not do anything with her life.  The conflict was so bad, the neighbor asked Delois Adu, if she needed protection and she replied, 'no, it is in God's hands.'   Obviously, there was some sort of violence going on in that house for the subject of protection to be mentioned.   Dear sisters of Souls of Black Women, no matter what age you are, whether you feel it is either right or wrong for your mother to kick you out of her house, do not disrespect your mother and do not hurt her.

We want to post this article to daughters whom are bitter against their mothers, it is time for you to accept Jesus Christ into your life.   We understand many times as black women, some of our mothers may not have taught us how to be responsible while growing up.   Often times, some mothers want their daughters out of the house when they get grown, but when they were teens, they did not allow them to work, this is a known fact.  This is the reason why a lot of grown daughters are very angry at their mothers, but sisters, as a black woman you must be very wise to change the way you relate and communicate to your mother, no matter if she failed to train you responsibility before you were grown or not.   This world is very difficult for any black woman, because it seems like there is such a demonic force against us that makes it extremely hard to become successful.   Satan has planted so much hatred in the souls of many people within our own race and even other races, it makes it seem like there is no way out, if we do not know Jesus Christ.   We want you to know, we understand both sides of this situation between Takeyia and her mother, Delois.   Even as mothers raising daughters, it is very difficult, especially when fathers leave the mothers all alone to raise them.

Now, speaking of Takeyia's father, he claims that she recently lost her baby and wants a psychiatric evaluation.   However, where was he during the conflict?   We are curious to find out, how come he did not allow his daughter to come and live with him?  Another question, why didn't he get his daughter a psychiatric evaluation before she harmed her mother, if he knew there were some serious problems?   You see, it does not help for her father to allegedly help his daughter out now, because a life is gone.   This is one of the main problems in the black race and why there is no love between mothers and daughters, the fathers either walk away or they are not around when there is trouble.   Females are left to deal with their own pain and resentment sets in, all because of some previous issues that may not have been settled with the father of the child when they were very young.   As black women, we need to understand that no matter if we feel our mothers are turning their backs on us, most of the time they are trying to cope with life themselves.  They are not necessarily turning their backs on us, but maybe they are turning their backs on the past.  They want their past to be dead and many times, they need privacy to make that happen.  Although our mothers bore us, they still have a life and all of us black women whom are grown need to understand that fact.   Possibly, the father of the killer hurt the mother so bad, she did not want to remember what happen during her pregnancy or how they broke up.  You see, there could have been many reasons why she finally wanted the daughter out of the house.    The root of this murder did not have to happen, if the daughter would have understood that her mother loved her, but it was time for them to live their lives, separately.

Sisters, if you do not understand why you feel your mother maybe turning her back on you or evicting you from her house, you do not have to kill her.   Even if she denies you money, after evicting you, you do not have the right to take your mother's life, because she gave you birth.  Therefore, it is time for you to find a new life with Jesus Christ.   We invite you to go directly to our Salvation page to learn how to find yourself as a grown woman.   God wants you to be a complete woman and He will teach you responsibility, even if your mother never taught you.   Allow God to live inside of you and guide you into becoming a righteous woman.   No matter how old you are, it is not too late.  You can become successful, no matter how many people within this society of all races resents black women.   You must now see yourself as a child of God and realize that your color cannot hold you back, if you are serving the Lord Jesus Christ.  All of that bitterness, you may feel against your mother, give it to Jesus and let Him change your life.   Forgive your mother and understand, in many ways she may not be complete and all she wants is to live her life in peace.   Go now to our Salvation page and accept God into your life.

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Woman accused of murdering mother after eviction


A 24-year-old woman is in jail after, police said, she killed her mother just hours after she was evicted from the victim's home.

Clayton County police said Takeyia Guthridge stabbed her mother, Delois Adu, seven times in their home Monday.

The incident happened after Adu asked a judge to evict her daughter in a hearing. The judge fulfilled...Read full article, here.

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