Friday, June 8, 2012

Black Women Beware where you work: Hooters waitress caught tuberculosis from a manager at the restaurant, then fired

Black women, God will protect us wherever we work, except in places where it displeases Him.  We feel bad this former Hooter's employee Jheri Stratton, 19 was infected with a virus that could have killed her, but God did not create us to work at Hooters or any other place that reveals too much flesh.   Furthermore, there were about 75 other young ladies whom were also allegedly infected at this Baltimore Hooter's restaurant.  Although, Hooters is restaurant where many people go to eat, God does not want any woman working at such a place and because of this, we feel Jheri Stratton and her other co-workers could have been protected from catching tuberculosis.   Of course, it could have happened anywhere to anyone, but in Psalm 91 King David says, 'Surely he will save you from the fowler's snare and from the deadly pestilence.'  This means that if we are saved as a born again believer while obeying God's commandments, God will protect us from anything or anyone.

Now, we as black women are so much better than working at a place like Hooter's, but of course you would have to give your life over to the Lord to know what we are talking about.   God wants us to have the best, work at good jobs with nice pay, but if it allegedly requires that we greet men in a way that could be similar to a harlot or a stripper, then we should not do it.  For example, God would not ever understand any of us wearing hardly anything while washing cars for money.   We as black women are going to have to learn how to trust God and believe that we can make just as much money or even more wearing much more than the women working at Hooter's restaurant.

Now, Jheri Stratton may have been fired after being compensated for catching tuberculosis, but really God must be trying to keep her from working at such a place, because He knows she and many other (black) women are so much better than that.  In the 21st century, it is time for each and every black woman to make a choice to totally surrender their lives to God, so they will be able to learn how to trust him, not just to work at better jobs, but so that God will keep them safe as employees or even as entrepreneurs.

We pray for Jheri Startto that she gives her heart to Jesus Christ and trust Him to make a way for her than working at a place like Hooter's.   Also, it is such a blessing that the disease, tuberculosis did not kill her.  God really is so good, because He protected her.

Hooters waitress quarantined after contracting tuberculosis from a manager at the restaurant

By Daily Mail Reporter

A former Hooters waitress was forced to spend a month in quarantine after being diagnosed with tuberculosis which she allegedly contracted from a manager at work.

Since being diagnosed with the life-threatening disease in November Jheri Stratton also had to wear a mask to walk her dog, cancel vacations and is still on an intensive course of medication.

Several other Hooters' employees at the Harborplace branch in Baltimore...Read full article, here.

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