Friday, May 18, 2012

Donna Summer died of lung cancer not related to smoking, But 9/11 Particles Possibly Caused It

According the late disco singer, Donna Summer, she felt her lung cancer was because of 9/11 and we believe it, regardless of CNN's reporters opposition on this following video.  We all know when our bodies are not right when we are around something that is very dangerous like all the particles in the air in New York after 9/11.   After such a horrific tragedy, the planes crashing into the twin towers, then the buildings crumbling down in the midst of fire, anything is bound to occur.  If it had not have happened she would not have been ill.

Donna Summer will be missed like Whitney Houston and will always be loved by many of her fans.  May God rest her soul.  Rest in peace, Donna Summer, we love you.

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Donna Summer died of lung cancer not related to smoking

By Michael Martinez, CNN
 (CNN) -- Donna Summer died of lung cancer, but the singer wasn't a smoker, and the cancer wasn't related to smoking, her family's representative said Friday.
Summer's family issued the announcement in the wake of how "various reports currently surfacing about the cause of Ms. Summer's death are not accurate," representative Brian Edward said.
"Obviously, numerous factors can be attributed to the cause of cancer in general, but any details regarding the diagnosis and subsequent treatment of Ms. Summer's case remain between her family and team...Read full article, here.   Source and Video:


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